Yesterday was World Ukulele Day…you heard me right…it’s not a fluke

Yesterday people all around the world came together…to celebrate the uke.


They were playing in the park in our town so we had to check it out…

We wanted to learn a little more and see what the fuss was all about.


The ukulele originated in Hawaii…that state surrounded by the sea…

and translated roughly from Hawaiian…ukulele means ‘jumping flea’.


It’s possible the name comes from how fast the fingers seem to jump around when people play it

but whatever the reason the word ukulele makes you smile when you say it.


On stage a group of people picked up their ukuleles

and played familiar songs

as people who brought their own ukes accompanied them

while the rest of us sang along…


In a world that is so divided so filled with distrust and animosity

people coming together to play and sing was a beautiful sight to see.


Perhaps that is the point of World Ukulele Day…

to bring people together no matter their religion, sexuality or race….

for no other earthly reason that to put a smile on their face.


To show the world through a 4 stringed instrument and some old familiar songs

that we can come together…

that we can get along.


Which leads me to wonder… 

What if there is a way?

What if a world with less hate and animosity


begins with more ukulele days.

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