Martin Sheen's Uncommon Courage





Is Martin Sheen's aura ultraviolet

standing for peace, ever nonviolent.

With rare courage, 66 times arrested..

Through the years he's seldom rested.


“I went to jail for 11 days for disturbing the peace; I was trying to disturb the war.”  -Joan Baez-

Martin Sheen has been active in countless nonviolent acts of civil disobedience and arrested 66 times as he stood up for peace and against nuclear power, nuclear weapons testing, dangerous arms buildup, abuse of farmworkers, Canadian sealclubbing and other causes.  One is reminded of another nonviolent Martin, Dr. King, often arrested, to violence subjected.  Like Sheen, James Cromwell is another great actor, a vegan involved in protecting animals.. including sitins at fast food chains.

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Texas A&M

At the Texas A&M game Saturday, two animal rights protesters protesting A&M's research on animals were drug off the football field by police.

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  Dear Stephen, I've been


Dear Stephen, I've been wanting to post this for you.

If you scroll down on the link below there is a video of Bill Maher describing the

research being done at Texas A & M on dogs. Maher says dogs are man's best friend but Texas A & M is their worst enemy. He goes on with a very powerful

and informed description. Tufts broke dog legs in their labs. Johns Hopkins

developed a Blalock Press (by Dr Blalock) which tested how many pounds of

pressure dogs' bones could take before they broke, etc etc



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  thank you   virtually every


thank you   virtually every state university and Ivy League school does research on animals


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He's an inspiration and the

He's an inspiration and the personification of compassion. A worthy and beautiful tribute. 

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  I agree, P Thank you


I agree, P

Thank you



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Joan Baez


A Quaker, she refused  to pay taxes. 60% was unpaid because it supported the viet nam war. IRS confiscated her box office and took out taxes at each performance. Joan.