Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

By JFarrell


I wish happy mother’s day

To all mothers

Except mine


I wish all mothers

Long life, happiness, love

Except mine


For all you mums

Who made the effort

To love and care for your children

Who had their children grow

Knowing that their mother loved them

Unequivocally, forever



To all you wonderful mothers,

I wish you happy mother’s day.


For my own mother,


You really should have tried harder.


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happy mother's day

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A Mother's Love (Haiku)

The world may leave you
but your Mom will always stand
by you. That's true love!

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A haiku I wrote for my Mom this Mother's Day. :)


When I was young my mom, like most women, donned a hat when she went out.

They say this tradition originated in the Bible...and who am I to doubt?


My mom had a collection of hats she stored in boxes under her bed.

So many different kinds of bonnets to sit atop her head.


Moms of today are different they go out with their heads bare

But one thing they share with Moms of the past are the many hats they wear.


If we tried to count the hats they don...we couldn’t...they go on indefinitely

Perhaps one way to approach it...would be alphabetically.


Moms are Accountants, Babysitters, Chauffeurs...They do what Doctors, and Electricians do

They are Farmers, Governors, Housekeepers, and Ice cream makers too.


They are Janitors, Kitchen and Laundry workers, and Maids who clean the floor.

They are Nurses, Optometrists, Painters and Quality control inspectors at the store.


They are Receptionists, Seamstresses, and Teachers...they can Upholster that sofa or chair

They are Valets, Washroom Attendants and X-Ray technicians...they show up anytime and anywhere.


They are Yard engineers and any Mom I know is also a keeper of the Zoo

That’s 26 different hats they wear...26 different jobs that all Moms do.


Moms are the original and still the best multi-taskers the world has ever met.

In fact, I didn’t run out of hats for them...I ran out of alphabet.


I guess it’s a good thing each job doesn’t have a hat that sits atop Moms head

For there wouldn’t be enough room to store them in boxes under their beds.


They are visionaries, they are cheerleaders, so much of our existence they adorn

Yet they had no experience as a mother until their own children were born.


Because it was at that miraculous moment, not in any Epistle, Gospel or psalm

When they smiled at their baby and realized for the first time......’I’m a a Mom.’


For that is the hat that encompasses the rest...the hat we call motherhood

And I must admit, if I say so myself, you Moms make that hat look good.


So Moms, here’s to a wonderful Mother’s Day as this poem bids you all adieu


For all the many hats you wear...our hats are off to you.

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"Mother's Day 2002"

by Jeph Johnson


Mom, you are the best around;
My sounding board when I am down,
My solution when perplexed,
When playing cards you cut the deck


Mom, you are the best by far,
My one true friend, a shining star.
Your character I do aspire,
On Mother's Day you do inspire


Mom, you are the best for sure
And Jennifer also concurs
For when we talk and mention "Mom"
We always know to remain calm


And paint a smile onto our lips
In preparation for your trip
To visit us in lieu of letter
And make our week a little better


So come prepared to hear me sing
Some karaoke in the Spring
And notice please my clean abode
I just hope I get rid of this cold

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for Larada Johnson-Dillingham, 2002 

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