A Drawer Full Of Memories

After the holidays we were straightening up...
getting our house back into shape...
when we ran across a drawer filled with memories...
on something called VHS tapes.

You see we used to take pictures with a camera;
and on the TV is where they were shown.
This was back before all that high tech gadgetry
Back when a phone was merely...a phone.

We popped the first tape into the machine
What was on it?
We wanted to know.
And we were delighted as we were transported...
back to a time and a place long ago.

Back when we were all a bit younger
Back when on vacation we’d take a long drive...
Up to visit Grandma and Grandpa in the mountains
Back when Grandma and Grandpa were still alive.

We were transfixed to the screen
watching our memories
come in such variety...such a wide array...
So one after the other....we kept watching tapes...
Wild horses couldn’t pull us away.

When we were finished, we sat hand in hand
Thinking...Wow! That was over too soon...
Not realizing how fast time had flown
For we had been watching them...all afternoon.

Thank God we have our memories.
Thank God they come in all sizes and shapes
And thank God in the midst of holiday cleaning
We found a drawer filled with VHS tapes.


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House And Home

This year our house needed some renovations...
new paint...new roof...new door.
There’s always something in a house
that needs to be restored.

But when I stop to wonder...
You don’t need the wisdom of a sage
to understand a house may weather...
but a home improves with age.

Our house grows old by shielding us
from summer’s heat and winter’s freeze...
While our home stays young forever
when we add memories.

Perhaps that’s the reason we renovate...
we shine our steel and chrome...
To keep our house looking fresh and new..
So our memories have a home.

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Memories We Make

We take a walk every morning. ..we watch old T.V. shows,
We fill a picnic basket and drive...it doesn't matter where we go.


We watch the sun and moon rise and set...because we know every moment we're awake
It's not the size of the memory that's important...it's how many can we make.


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The Temptations and Four Tops together on one stage, that’s how the act was billed
And we noticed in the hall that night every seat was filled.

As we looked around the venue, Deborah said, “I don’t want to make a fuss
But everyone’s so old in here...” and I nodded, “Just like us.”

None of us are as young as we used to be, some of us have lost a little hair
But memories are like music they reach out and we are there.

“It seems,” I said, “along the way we’ve all changed, someway, somehow
And like the Four Tops and Temptations we all are oldies now.

And that’s what brought us all together, for one night our destinies kissed
They were there to sing the oldies and we...to reminisce.

For a few hours listening to the oldies, to every lyric, every rhyme
We oldies in the audience were transported back in time.

Back to a time of simplicity, a time of less controls
A time when this music imprinted on our hearts and in our souls.

Back when responsibilities were limited and the world was so divine
When all we needed was music and it made us feel so fine.

We were proud that night to beg for more and from the very start
We clapped and danced and sang the words that we all knew by heart.

When the music stopped and the lights came on and all but memories remained
I held the hand of My Girl while I wished that it would rain.

I know to you that may sound strange after these new memories we made
But as with all great memories, you do not want them to fade.

We drove home humming the oldies, remembering who we were back then
And happy for a few hours on this winter night it was summer time again.

Perhaps that’s why we filled the hall and sang at the top of our lungs
Perhaps we came to listen to the oldies because it makes us feel so young.

The next morning on our daily walk 5 planets aligned across the sky
“It’s like the Temptations are still singing.” I said amidst a sigh.

Was I still thinking about last night and how I wanted things to be
Or was it just my imagination.......running away with me.

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My Father´s Cellhpone

My Father´s Cellphone (Pedro Gómez de la Garza; September 2015)


What is a ringtone to you? To me, it means complete silence, a race to the source and as fast as possible give the cellphone to my father. Because for sure it´s for him. Do not think of making a sound, for my father will not hear the other line, but cover your ears as he thinks the person on the other side will not hear him either. His cellphone means work, never ending work, not on vacations nor holidays, not on his free time nor in the night. Because he is a pediatrician, which comes with its advantages and disadvantages. For one, I´ve never gone to the doctor, my hospital is my house. But other kids do not plan on breaking their arms or their heads, having the flu or chickenpox, but it seems they always pick the wrong time to do. When eating, when sleeping, when resting, the phone will always ring; his phone. But phones do not last long, they must be charged. So my father always keeps his charger near him. It doesn’t matter if he is in a restaurant, in the movies or at mass, if the phone needs charging he will charge it. It is funny to see how sometimes he gets bothered of the so uncomfortable timing of his cellphone, but once he takes the cellphone to his ear, he forgets about the timing and talks to his patient as if there couldn’t be a more perfect chance to talk. But there are times in which he and his cellphone must be apart, it is never easy, but if it succeeds, it is one great achievement. I remember how astonished my father was when he locked his cellphone for a week in summer vacations. He couldn’t stop bragging about it, for him it was unbelievable, but for us, his family, was completely necessary. And there are other times in which he doesn’t lock his cellphone, but it is missing. Those are not pretty times. No one is allowed to do anything until the cellphone is found, but it is hilarious to see how desperate my father looks when he is searching for his cellphone which is just on the table. It is never missing more than five minutes, but he always acts as if it had been missing for an hour. Nevertheless, his cellphone doesn’t just mean work. It also means taking photos, capturing those memories worth remembering, and my father has been a photo maniac ever since he understood what Facebook was. With all that, his cellphone is not something I hate or love, it is just my father´s lifestyle, and I´m proud of him, for I know he has saved a million lives.

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