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I can never understand why we are here

In this world

What the purpose of living

Everyone would ask a question in their life

But it good to be confuse

Because if you knew everything

Life won’t be interesting

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I want to know how you guys feel about this poem

(Well all the poems) you can comment if this was good or bad

Or there was thing that would been better like better words choices or something else

Thank you for reading my maybe good or bad poems

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As I walk upon the sidewalk 

I see weeds coming form the ground 

And think that what I am 

A weed

Trying so hard to reach the sky

But I know I'll never reach it 

But yet I'll keep growing 

Even though things will 

Block my path or put me down 

I know that I'll because something 

Powerful because 

I'm not just a weed I'm a seed 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello OMG KYA I post it.I hope you guys enjoy it.Sorry if this kinda sound like a same poem you read. 

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Verse 1:
Say, you're all I need.

You gotta know:
I'm falling in love.

No one but you will do.


These scars that you carry

are seen by me.

Admit it: We need each other

Like a bad habit.


Verse 2:
Out of all these scars,

Your fear of love

tears us apart

From the happy endings.



Don't worry: cast your cares on me.

These scars will disappear

as long as you are with me.

Don't ever let me go.

'Cause you're all I need.


Out of all these things I've done,

I love you better.

As time goes on,

We remain steadfast in  this love. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song written about loving a "broken" person. 


One small glass of water.

The waiter said, "THAT WAS THE ORDER".In the pantry the man looked at me.

We have no water, LET IT BE.

What will I tell him , HIS MAJESTY !!

Off with my head ! It seems to me.

Oh your honor, the pantry said, "LET BE".

WHAT!!! NO water in my kingdom.

How can this fate, NO FREEDOM !!!

But, what, after this - TO SEA.

Find me some water - ON ONE KNEE.

That is your quest - NOW FLEE !

Yes your majesty - A crusade it will be.

For a small glass of water.

Call all in quarter - YES. Even the porter.

from my poem book DREAMS2


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Denver broncos

poems 1

Denver broncos is a good team they are cool
Denver broncos
Denver broncos
Denver broncos
Denver broncos is a good team they are cool
And awesome team they might
win some time or lose some
But win or lose or tie they still are
awesome I will always be a Denver
Broncos fan until the day I die then I will
be a Denver broncos fan for eternal
up in heaven
© Amanda Kay Hill

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Appreciate life

poems 1

life is to short 
so appreciate it 
because you never
know what go to happen
Appreciate life anything 
can happen so enjoy 
every min of life and 
tell the people you 
love that you love 
them before it is too late
© Amanda Kay hill 

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Life Can Not Buy

One Day, 
You will have to leave this world
It does not matter how rich you
With the money you can not buy life

After Death
You will be taken to a court
Which will be different from our court
Then will be seen
How much time you have to remember God
How long have you served the humanity....... 

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Hide Away

Verse 1:
Thoguh, I try to hide away

You always find the places

That I'm alone at.

Now, you've gone back

Because you've found your happiness.


Your happiness is with me.

Your eyes tell me so.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take a chance on me.

'Cause there won't be a next time.


Verse 2:
Every now and then,

I think of us.

If you and me,

If there's a possibliity of

Becoming one with you,

I'll start from here.


'Cause I'm falling for you.

I've fallen quite hard.

Oh, will you let me in?

Where will this love take us?

'Cause I love you.


Over and over again,

You confess your love to me.

Speechless, I hide away

Into your arms,

Onto the wings of love. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

song written about my first meeting with my now boyfriend. Written November 18, 2016.

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"The December Girl"

Alana Cheng

"The December Girl"
Written by Alana Cheng

I am merely here
In the blossoming kind
Of a flower 
That's come to open
Through the air of the winter
All in the light 
Of the month of December
In being the girl that I am
To slowly but surely 
Becoming the woman
That I will eventually be one day
As for now
I am only the December girl
In this very month
Of the beauty of the winter
To be in the existence
Of where the air is getting colder
In the true way of blossoming
Of becoming something
To what everyone would see
That I am the December girl
By any means necessary
To make my way in this world
To rise up in the rebirth
Of becoming something good
As well as to be as great
As how things are now
With the life of me to be
The beauty of who I am to me
Of being the December girl
In letting myself open up
To the cold winter air
But even in this month
I don't care
In any way or at any day 
To have all that I need to say
In order to portray
In being the December girl
So I can learn to spread my wings
In learning the steps
To lift off and fly away
Even if it's not right now today
But I am the December girl
At the moment of right now
To someday be able to become
All the more of the woman
That I was always meant to be
In being the December girl
To look forward to becoming
All that will be for you
As well as for me to see

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