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Smoke From The Center Of The World

Fallout of ashes
this black aroma of dreary rind penetrates the mood
as if nothing else matters, it twists the truth
and destroys the proof needed 
in order to achieve what's never been done
whisk on closer
Before disorder transpires into your self-conscious little world

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And maybe I was a fool to think that I could change the world
And maybe I was a fool for pursuing the career you chose for me
And maybe I was a fool for listening to that inner voice, always close but somehow distant 
Yes maybe I was a fool 
But now 
I am never unsatisfied 
but now 
I am never unsatisfied

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Dharma 18

Open your mind/lighten your ears
Desperation is calling
One last time for the late bloomers of spiritual awakening
Can you hear it? 
A sweet surrender of the soul
A vivid escapade of ecstasy
A one way ticket into the unkown
Stop forsaking to embrace infinite oblivion
The dharma awaits 

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Step By Step By Step

left foot first
to fulfill one's thirst
one step at a time
climb after climb
what leaves your mouth is equal to the change you want
all around/through and through
words are an extension of the mind
they act as a bridge between physical and the meta-physical
step by step by step
with no particular ambition 

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Alana Cheng



Written by Alana Cheng



Without goodbye

Not just yet 

For I am only starting out

With this opening line

Of finding out

Where it is that I'm going

As I am saying hello

To a brand new start 

To what is to come

From what I can see

Down the road ahead

Of my brand new life

Of a fabulously new

And cool introduction

To look down the road

Down ahead

Of saying hello

To this brand new life

Of leaving behind

The anguish and strife

Of where this is just

The beginning of love

With harmony and peace

For however things

Would seem to work out

In saying hello

Without saying goodbye

To leave it all go

So tragically quick 

And way too soon 

To be comprehended

Of what's yet to be

Completely understood

In a sense

Of knowing that

I won't give up so easily 

On what's to come

As I believe in myself

Enough to know

That I can make it

Throughout everything 

By saying hello 

To a brand new start 

Of my brand new life

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Human Lab

Satish Verma

Half-buried in a mud pit, 
a polluter bares all, body and soul. 
Hands bound, ready to be stoned 
to death. 

A god was going to kill a god. 
A dense judgement of planet green 
of an unreliable sun 
scribbling a code of conduct. 

My god, I will go insane. 
Save my woods I say. How can 
be the adam was so naked running 
in a race gene altered? 

My arthritic fingers again lift 
a mansion of gold leaves, dissolving 
the sky. 

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Life in Shambles

My Life and I are just a mess

Just one look and you wouldn’t have to guess

Pain and anger drives me on

But sorrow and hatred says I’m wrong

I’m bombarded by the criticisms from the people and myself

So I try to suck it up and lay them on a shelf

But when it's full it starts to flow and overwhelm

And I become confused as I slip between the feelings on realms

I’m liar I’m a fool

So someone please tell me “What do I do?”

I’m swimming beneath the waves of sorrow

As I start to sink my life line narrows

I leave my room wearing a mask

So to take it off would be a struggle, an impossible task

So save me from my pain

I can’t stand the heavy rain

I don’t want to be a fool or a liar

So please carry me out of the fire

I’m tired of hearing “Sticks and stones may break my bones.”

As if words can’t hurt more or fall harder than stones

I’m a failure, I’m a reject

I can’t get anything right or correct

My heart bleeds with overflowing misery


And all the good times just melt into forgotten history

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