My daddy was a Marine

My dad was a marine

When I was younger

I used to wonder

Why couldn't that be me

Then I'd call myself a pussy

People around me called me obscene 

Fifteen surgeries plus

Thirteen Gran Mals

Not to mention my rounds with alcohol 

I may have been rattled 

Within my own battles 

But as you can obviously 

See, nothing has broken me

I now have a family fully complete

With a loving wife plus crazy kids

Despite some struggling we end up on our feet

Gravelin happened to be unraveling 

When my baby was coming up

She made me so sick

I wanted to throw up

She flipped script quick

Now Kim is a stranger

Hopefully drastic measures changes her

Coffee brandy and pills

For cheap tricks and thrills

Bouncing between jobs

Struggling to cover the bills

I've looked back at almost forty

Seeing all I've overcome 

I'm my own soldier 

I carry my family on my shoulders 

Thank you John unfortunately you're gone

I'm a fighter 

My daddy was a marine 

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A father remembers years ago taking his children to the ballpark on a bright and sunny day.

They sat together in the stands and watched grown men at play.


They’d been sitting for a few innings when he heard his daughter exclaim

“Daddy, this is boring...what do you like about this game?”


It seemed at their young age his children didn’t share his baseball adoration

and he wasn’t sure they were ready for a lengthy explanation.


As they basked in the sunshine eating hot dogs with ketchup and mustard on their buns

He could have explained the rules of the game, about strikes and balls and runs.


He could have taken that opportunity surrounded by his children and his wife

to explain how baseball, if they let it, can teach them about life.


He could have pointed out although it is individual player’s names they scream

baseball teaches people to work together as a team.


That baseball teaches humility for no matter how hard you work, or what path you choose

Sometimes you’re going to win...sometimes you’re going to lose.


That baseball teaches perseverance, determination, tenacity and grit

That you shouldn’t worry when you strike out for you’ll get another chance to hit.


That you must endure the slumps in life and the havoc they may wreak

if you’re also to enjoy the jubilance when you’re on a winning streak.


He wanted to say no matter how many bases they run...no matter where they roam

that life will circle back and they’ll always be safe at home.


All these thoughts went through his mind as they sat in the park that day

Wondering what to tell his children as they watched grown men at play.


“What do I like about baseball,” he said smiling for suddenly he knew

“What I like best about baseball”...is sharing it with you.


His children are all grown now and as far as baseball...that’s a shame

because he never got to explain to them the intricacies of the game.




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He worked hard all his life…so many hours on his feet….

trying to make enough money so all his ends could meet.


He was proud of the work he’d done…but his pride he never flaunted 

as he provided his family everything they ever needed…

If not everything they ever wanted.


But now his life was coming to an end…and one question popped into his head

as he gazed at all his children gathered round his bed.


“I wonder, have you all been happy?” he asked,

“I know how often we’ve been poor….

When I look back on our life together…

I wanted to give you so much more…”


“I am sorry for what you didn’t have”…and at this point the father sighed.

“all those things you may have wanted…all those things I couldn’t provide.”


The eldest daughter stopped him…as tears flowed from his eyes.

“Poppa”, she said, “stop right there…Poppa,” she said, “don’t cry…”


“We know how much you loved us…have no regrets…no fear…

for whenever we needed or wanted you…we knew that you’d be here.”


“You were here to share our laughter…you were here to share our tears

You were here to relish in our joys…you were here to ease our fears…”


“The children all moved closer…their expressions gracious and undaunted

“Poppa,” they said, “you gave us your time….

which is all we really ever wanted.”


“We know how hard you worked…

there’s no reason to be sad

because as hard as you worked to provide for us…

you worked that much harder being Dad.”


Yes, he thought the work he did was important…

and it was…but in the end his children all conceded…

The time he spent just being Dad…


was all they ever needed.

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My farther




                                    『 志心聡明 』






Author's Notes/Comments: 

In China and Japan, probably in other asian countries, (Sorry I am not familier to it so much )

There is a saying to express things in just 4 words. It is much shorter than Haiku nor poem.

I create this words to my father. I tried to express exactly what he was as a man I respect.

To me it is much easier to describe what he was in sentences but I wanted to try this way.

So many memories about him and so many words he said, so many smiles he showed us....but all in 4 words.

I love him and miss him so much. Rest in peace, I love you so much.


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He loved to garden, her father. He understood the land

He didn’t just have a green thumb…he had green fingers on green hands.


When it came to plants he was a wonder…boy…could that man grow things

When asked why his garden was so beautiful…he’d humbly say…I know things.


I know a gardener needs to respect his land

I know he must be kind

which is why I take only what I need

and leave the rest behind. 


I leave some of what I grow for Mother Earth

sometimes I leave half..sometime two-thirds

to feed the insects, the deer, the raccoons

the rabbits and the birds…


To all the creatures and to the land

I leave behind a little food…

It is a way to show them my respect

to spread my gratitude…


I often find it is easy, he said 

to thank the sun, the rain…the breeze…

because most of the time in my garden

I’m already on my knees…


Yes…her father had the most beautiful gardens…

he understood the land and how things grew…

but perhaps the biggest reason was how he adored the land


and how the land adored him too.

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Son of Feat


My boy once asked of a man named pete

The one of which who never be beat

I told my son of good ol pete

As it all started with one great heat

Pete was an outlaw who killed no soul

yet was infamous in that great dust bowl

He was taller than a mountain

and calm as the morning fountain

He was popular with the ladys

Even now in his 80's

He had one dumb son

who looked like a bum

That bum was me

as you can see

I'm son of pete

my name is Feat

You're son of Feat

My little boy Neat

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well this is supposed to sound country but it just sounds redneck. Oh well, I tried.

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One of the advantages of being a father and a grandfather…

is something done on my family’s behalf…

to teach my children and grandchildren how to have fun…

how to smile… how to laugh.


I take this responsibility seriously…

using humor to give my children and grandchildren a lift…

No need to thank me family…consider it my gift.


Through the years my jokes have been so good…I’ve repeated them like clones.

Occasionally they’re met with laughter…more often they’re met with groans.


Groans in the beginning…but of this I am proud:

Someday when they get older…I’m sure they’ll laugh out loud.


My granddaughter calls them Dad jokes…and they‘re usually met with…”Oh PopPop!”

Dad jokes instead of bad jokes…as if that will ever make me stop.


“What time did the man go to the dentist?” I ask, as unsuspecting Ava wonders why.

and she shakes her head and grimaces when…”tooth-thirty!” I reply.


Dad jokes…I can live with that label…if it makes my humor all the more bearable.

“Have you heard the joke about a piece of paper?” I ask her

“Never mind…you’ll only think it’s tearable.”


“How am I doing, Ava?” I ask. ”Stop me if you’ve heard these before.”

“PopPop please”  Ava pleads holding her hands over her ears…

“I can’t take this anymore!”


But I am unperturbed…knowing if this joke doesn’t make her laugh…

or give her a little thrill

I’m sure the next one…or the next one…

or perhaps the next one will!


“Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom?” I ask.

“Oh, Ava, this is a funny one…you’ll see.”

“Because, as everybody knows,” I say…“pterodactyl has a silent pee.”


Wait, hiding there behind that groan…was that a smile I did see?

as a life-long teller of Dad Jokes…that’s good enough for me!


Yes, I take this responsibility seriously…my mission is not only to make her smile…


Not only to teach her about humor…but to do so…with some style.

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Phone Calls at 1:42

The Pixie Dust






My feelings are something I constantly eat







All the things that destroy my body







You're genetics are a part of me







It's only a matter of time now.


He loved to read me books about Superheroes...
how they’d somehow find a way
to use their super powers...
fight crime
and save the day.

How, even though they could do
what no mortal on Earth could do...
they would only use their power for good...
their hearts were pure
and true.

And I wanted to be just like them.
I wanted to be that guy
imbued with super powers
who could fly across the sky.

But it didn’t take me long to realize
that wasn’t meant to be...
and the real Super Hero
was the man who read those books to me.