out into

Far reaching thought

Just in case i'm caught

out of disguise

Fright in my eyes

Struggling for calm

I will do no harm

into social gear

Fighting the fear

Prepareing my shell

In which i will dwell

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How comw it's hard

Unwilling to discard

Fraught emotions swell

Nervouse minds dwell

Queasy sway internal

Mask displayed external

Uncomfortably covering

Deep oceans smothering

Good sense gone bad

War to be had...

Courage is born

Bracing my whole being

This day i will be trying

Hard and determined

I will not be overwhelmed

I accept my struggle

My endless battle.

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"Alistar in Underland"

Such a time, a time ago,


And I've been falling, through the floor,

Way, way past the tiny door.

Until not long ago I'd found,

That I finally hit the ground.


As I stood to arise,

I was in Underland to my surprise. 

A topsy-turvy place was this,

A madly perfect stark abyss.


So I turned right back to go,

Finding the door locked, so.


I was trapped!


My started to race,

Along at to fast a pace.

I turned right 'round to go,

Finding the door locked so


I felt my self shaking,

My head was quaking,

Making such a din,

A crying sin was this as the madness set in.


The Cheshire Cat, all too real,

His presence I could almost feel,

From above watching down,

Bearing his, famous frown.


To this party, invited I was not.

Around the table, for me, No spot!

I only wanted tea, Hatter and company.

Why thank you for the cup of jealousy!


Then along I walked instead.

Until I heard: "Chop of his head!"

It was the lovely Queen of Hearts,

Playing croquet and eating tarts.


Of the latter, to me, made the offer,

You know very well I couldn't stop her.

Figures with her I'd fit,

Wonderland's biggest misfit...


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Insomnia, The Long Night

The long night, one of many.


A person glances at a clock radio.


They are neither asleep nor awake.


They lie there, uncomfortable, restless.


Their mind races away, teasing them with scenarios of ruin.


The seconds tick by, slowly.


The person longs for sleep,


Or for dawn, for a new day.


An hour later, they remain awake,

Unable to relax, but unable to think properly.

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Zero to 500 instantly 

The immediate urge to both stay and flea
A crawling sensation creeping from the heart to all parts of me. 
A dire feeling of urgency 
A screaming of insecurity 
Too much false comfort and nurturing
Ignorance of reality. 
I want to run and I want to stay 
Bundled up in covers of dependency 
A sickness keeps burning holes in me
And I am slowly forgetting how to breathe. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written after waking up in a state of anxiety related to love and human relationships. 


So much to say

with not enough energy to speak it

I'm tired of this pain


Sometimes it's not enough

You're looking for the happiness you longed for

What a fear to lose it

Laying down on this dream

I feel like I'm falling

Wish I could sleep for a thousand dreams

Each of them with you

I've walked on this journey many times

I rise up. I fall.

Some day I won't remember the tragic past

But each day I still live it

I hear these voices from afar

I'm walking away, I can't right now

There's no hope for my mind

Hope this anxiety stops screaming

and peace overwhelms all

The lovely dead

Where have you gone?

The heartbreak. No words.

With love comes pain

and pain comes anxiety

Anxiety becomes a nightmare

What a darkness to keep out

So much fading

I hope my flame is always there

The flame which is my love

Promise you will flicker within me

Always, my love

When your flame dies out... I die with you

My journey ends, But I still walk with you... with the peace, the light.

These memories so evil, beautiful, funny, aching.

I can't.

I must endure.

I can't.

It's not too late.

It is too late.


The screaming in my mind won't win.

For the love I feel from you wins.




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Demons Eat Too


In the silence of home

Where thoughts often roam

I sit and wonder why -

The demons at bay

Come out and play

They sit on their mountains, so high -

They're full of thirsty grins

Over analyzing begins

The blurred truth reins, once more -

They feed on my reality 

Swallow my vitality 

Leaving me naked on the floor -


Phone Calls at 1:42

The Pixie Dust






My feelings are something I constantly eat







All the things that destroy my body







You're genetics are a part of me







It's only a matter of time now.