Lament of the Dead.


Lament of the Dead.


What if I should die before the dawn?
And if I should die before the dawn,
What news ho, of me in England?
How cry you now?
Oh, men of mice!
Safe last night you slept.
‘Twas the wind of war,
Wot kept me awake.
How say you now friend,
Did we win?

That some sad price was paid
For the laughter of today
That they should not forget.
But never know
The ignominy
Of death
While in their moment’s of play.
Brave men died
Tho’ thousands of miles away
The same sun shone on both.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I know what it means . I won't be able to post a comment.
I'll probably be dead.

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Matt Pullen's picture

Wow...very awesome. Touching, as it reminds me of my grandfather during his time in the service during the last world war.

Keep writing.