Draconian Sabbath

Seasons In Hell

Quaking earth, thunderbeats of cloven hooves
The heart of darkness beckons
Abysmal eyes aflicker in the gloom
Phantomanifesting room
Pentagram strikes the heavens asunder!

Sacrifice double in timelesness
The blackthorn blooms 'neath Snowmoon's glow
Triskalion burns, hellfire churns
Grammadion Devil's mark, elemental bliss
Sup the seed eternal

Coven gathers upon the duskening tide
Upon The Drægon ride, dæmonwinds preside
Candlemass Evil, Satan crowned in flame
From The Pit, Phoenix doth arise
Ouroboros circumambulation

By 13, nightmares & dreams come alive
Unholy Communion, candlelight
Shadows dancing in the night
Emerge reflections of body & mind

Dracmas, Dracoween, everywhere in between
Spells cast, nocturnal hour
Void encircles, raven shower
Devils pour from ebon tower
Invocation, Infernal Power!

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II/I: NOCTURNAL FEBRUARY 卍 IMBOLC {Sabbath Day of Observation: Candlemass Evil / Dracoween / Dracmas}

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Volcano Vibrate

Made my own observations in reading this with a highly prying interest. So many dimensions burst into form, like candelabra storm. or ethereal eruptions. Bubble the blood. heart who throbs out-a-control in a vague dreamstate shared via glyphs interlinked

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