Curse you

just notes*

I silently curse your name thousand times
I can't close my eyes without seeing you with her
Curse you for making me doubt my myself ...
Curse you for wanting her!
I'm angry
I'm mad
I'm sad
I'm disappointed
I'm cursing you
I can't close my eyes without seeing you with her
She's everything I wasn't ...
But I gave you everything ... Without asking for anything
And maybe that's what you wanted ...
I curse you thousand times
And still I can't close my eyes

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Heartbreak :(

My heart
So brittle it breaks
Oh dear has it been staked!

My heart it cries it coos
Pumps out emotional goo

My heart it mourns it sigh
But none can see its plight

My heart it cries for you
To feel the same way too

When will this heartache mend
When will this torture end!

My heart so heavy ,grows numb
In despair it succumbs...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem invented in the split of the moment . Please feel free to critic!! :)

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Fighting with myself

Fighting with myself

Live looking for a dream that never awake, and at times I think if life will draw my canvas, insurance black clouds would cover my firmament, and I feel that my faith was lost in time and my time, is going flying like the wind, waiting, looking if I fall, if I get up and as I try. It is true that life only gives a chance, and in fact the problem is how to know if it just comes or already goes away. Far of the real doesn´t exist the gravity and every illusion is beating through my fingers, but I open my eyes and I see that I can't, that I'm still in the same place, that I'm not growing, that I lack patience and the essence of this world will sink into my consciousness. The experience tells me - give up and don't continue with that, your default is that you always put the eyes too far -, and I - but, what about my reflexes?, yes or not it fills me with pride. Now I'm disappointed for having built a castle destroyed because I have built it without foundations, but in the deep of my soul the whispers say - die trying - texts and texts of unfinished ideas I have spent while my hope is refusing to give up this fight... I just keep telling to my heart "please listen".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Never give up" ...

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