Nature's Meditations



Some gaze
at the flickering flames
in a fireplace
Some look upon the sea
For others,
lying on the ground
and witnessing slow moving clouds
gives peace.

saiom shriver

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Her eyes have fury in them


They are glossed over and red


You can see the anger in her eyes


She's about to explode


She trys to breath


In and out


Nothing happens


She is boiling


Red so fierce


Can't hold it


She's in a rage


She's lost all control


Cant contain it


Fire in her eyes


Can't fight it


She is on the verge


Pushing back


She's about to burst


She's going insane


She burst's into flames


She's gone.





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These sheets of paper

Filled with a thousand

Unsaid words

Landed on the wrong hands

And now they shall be burned

Not the best idea maybe

But crazier things have been done

The papers will become

Nothing but ashes

And my words

Shall never be read


Now my world of peace

Has been intoxicated

WIth a cloud of smoke

It fills up my lungs

Clogs my airways

But there's nothing to do

I've already done it

Just destroy the evidence

And make sure nothing

Ever becomes known

Flames Of Youth

Stacking splinters in the skin, 

Pervasive shards to chase the heart,


While vinyl drips into the air

Warren Zevon

Werewolves in the night

Animalistic pleasures

poured thick with the poison

We are fallen gods,

ancestors of Prometheus rediscovering fire

just to set the city ablaze

Acoustic tunes strum the shadows,

forcing the flickering souls to dance

And the fire burns

Red, White and Young

In spite of the ageing darkness




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Liar, Liar

Just For Fun

Liar, Liar

On the wire

How soon till you fall

How long till you hit a wall

And every last lie

Will crash and die

Flames burn a hole

Into your soul

When you see the destruction

Of your construction

And you’re left all alone

Because of every lie you own

And when you wish that you were dead

Than hurt one hair on their head

For at last they can see through your lies

You can’t see the pain behind their eyes  

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Un viejo amor flickkewred

ua vela de morir en la noche

cenizas quedau atras, 

(c) copyright heather burns

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