As I watched her flutter…then perch upon a flower…I found myself infatuated…and I began to wonder why on Earth…were butterflies created?


Perhaps they were created to make us all aware…there is magic in the world…and beauty everywhere.


Perhaps to show us even the tiniest creatures have the ability to shine…and that all beauty is in metamorphosis…(it keeps changing over time).


Perhaps to remind us it is from within our patience…where our hopes and wishes spring…and that we will never learn to fly…unless we spread our wings.


Perhaps they were created to remind us life is short…to help us realize that if that’s the plan…while we’re alive we should make friends with as many flowers as we can.


Perhaps to remind us there can be peace in the world…if only we were wise…for I imagine there would be no wars if we only had armies of butterflies… 


Perhaps to show us since the butterfly makes no sound…there is no butterfly song…no call…that silent beauty just might be…the most beautiful beauty of all.


As I write about how beautiful they are…

how unassuming…

now demure…

it should be obvious I have no idea why butterflies were created…

but I’m sure glad that they were.



He had a friend when he was growing up…he’ll never forget her name

or the disease that ravaged her body…the disease she never overcame.


Her name was Lynn.  

She had long blond hair, loved flowers and playing in the mud

until the doctors found leukemia poisoning her blood.


When she became too sick to play and was confined within her room

She‘d point outside her window and marvel at the butterflies in bloom.


“I just love butterflies!” She would say as she pointed at the sky.

“When you think about it butterflies are the only flowers that can fly.”


So he would bring her potted flowers…making sure they were in bloom.

and he would catch her butterflies that would flutter around her room.


And when she could no longer get out of bed her smile would ease their gloom

as she watched all of her butterflies fluttering all around her room.


Memories of her flutter back to him every now and then

when he’s alone inside his room,

when he’s walking in the mud

or when he sees butterflies in bloom.


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Our good friend and neighbor has a green thumb which she generously applies

to the plants, the blooms and the flowers in her yard to attract bees and butterflies.


What makes her yard so special to us is not only the beauty of her flowers

but many of the butterflies traveling to her yard…choose to fly through ours.


The other day we were sitting out watching a few of them flutter by

when I thought to myself how alike we are…humans and butterflies.


We‘re both born out of our mothers…we both enter the world rather small

and in no time, like the caterpillar, we, too, begin to crawl.


We crawl, we eat, we crawl some more…our movements at first are slow

but this is how we learn to live…this is how we grow.


We both enter a transition stage…in butterflies it’s called the chrysalis…

It’s where we humans learn to laugh, to cry, to think, to play…to kiss.


Once we emerge from our chrysalis…we find our body rearranged.

The way we look…the way we feel…everything has changed..


Then without giving it a second thought…without even wondering why…

where once we only crawled and ate…we now spread our wings and fly.


If we’re blessed we add beauty to our world

as we land on each flower and blossom and leaf

knowing our time to fly is limited…

knowing our life on Earth is brief.


There are many reasons why we love our friend…

one is that green thumb she applies

which, much to our enjoyment,

puts us in the paths of her butterflies….


Thus giving us the opportunity 

to show her butterflies affection

as they stop to rest in our back yard…

and ask us for directions.


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As I watched her perch upon a flower then quickly flutter by

I was reminded of the lessons I have learned from watching butterflies.


I’ve learned that change is not a bad thing…butterflies have taught me this

for every day we are alive is a metamorphosis.


I’ve learned that looks can be deceiving…for butterflies silently shout

how there is beauty inside each of us just waiting to get out.


I’ve learned there must be a higher power…

as I’ve watched butterflies who’ve found a way

to pause every now and then, to fold their wings and pray.


Butterflies have taught me time is short…

which means from the moment our wings unfurl…

we should do our best…to add beauty to the world.


Finally butterflies have taught me to find wonder in the tiniest of things

for what else is a butterfly but a flower that’s grown wings.


I will never stop watching butterflies…to them I shall always return…

for they have so much more to teach…and I…so much more to learn.

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As they walked together, missing her, the daughter asked the dad

“How can the sunrise be so beautiful when I’m feeling so sad?”


How can I find beauty anywhere…in the trees, the birds…the butterflies

when everything is blurry…when tears fill up my eyes?”


“when my world has lost its color…when everything is grey…

when nothing that I see or hear makes my sadness go away?


“This sadness we are feeling,” Dad said…

there is no remedy…

no cure

but the trees, the birds, the butterflies and the sunrise

make it easier to endure.”


We cannot stop sadness from reaching into our lives…

but eventually we learn

If we have love, sunrises and butterflies

our happiness returns.


Her dad is no longer with her

and when she feels sad she smiles as she closes her eyes …

and she thinks of walking with him in the morning…

of sunrises 


and butterflies.


All and nothing



Flit.     Flit

Blazing ballerinas

In the burning

Midday sun



Sit.      Sit



Torpid-edly lax



Sip.      Sip

Molten nectar


From flowery cups



Trip.    Trip

Till the hotness


Eventide’s attitude in.

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An ugly creature
Old worm needing winter nap
So tired of life

Wrapped in blanket to keep warm
Dreaming of wonderful things that soon will be
Metamorphosis; Uncurling from his winter nap
The change brings a whole new appearance for him
A new creature with beautiful orange;black stained glass wings
Freedom to soar on the soft and gentle winds of spring
Flitting about flower to flower transferring life
Mother natures way of loving everyone
Pretty Monarch butterfly flutters by me
Spreading his magnificent wings to the sky
An ambassador from God
Vacation in Mexico

Vernal equinox
New cycle begins turning
Beautiful rebirth 

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Butterfly in the flowers.

To fly that's ther powers.

Butterfly in the sky.

Butterfly past by my eyes.

The colour in there wings.

So much fantasy it brings.

From a flower the get thier honey.

There lucky cause they don't have to pay any money.

Butterfly everyday.

Butterfly fly there way.

A caterpillar in a cocoon.

A caterpiller got wings to fly to the moon.

Some butterfly don't fly high.

Some butterfly fly to the sky.

All butterflies don't fly at night.

All butterflies fly at my eyes.

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With the butterflies

And the whispers

For that one person

That is the only thing that you can think about

Truly that one person

That you love


But with love

Comes hardships

And with those hardships

Come tests


Tests of courage

And loyalty

Tests of love

All in all


Do you think that you could pass

The tests of love

No less


Even when the world is bare

With no one else but you to share

This love and heart 

To death do us part


Do you think that you could pass

The tests of love no less

With hardships and tests

Coming at you

Never stopping

Never letting you have a chance to breath


Is it worth it?


That tis the question