I am not ashamed…no, I am not too proud to admit sometimes I don’t know the difference between an angel…and a cloud.


This morning when I looked up at the sky…oh what a wonder I did see.  

All the clouds were moving with the wind…but one was hovering over me.


This cloud didn’t act like all the other clouds…she stayed there floating free.

I’m pretty sure this cloud had wings…she looked like an angel to me.


She flew over me my entire walk…soaring like a bird.

She never left my sight…she never said a word.


And I began to wonder if we all have a guardian angel who in our life is intertwined…is it possible this morning…in the clouds…I got a glimpse of mine?


And though the evidence was circumstantial it led me to conclude this indeed was my guardian angel…and I was filled with gratitude.


As I say I’m not ashamed…I am not too proud…for even though I think she was my guardian angel…she could have also been a cloud.


As I was wrestling with this dilemma a lone white feather fell out of the sky…and when I picked it up…I smiled…knowing my guardian angel was nearby.

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I do not attend church but I do believe in God…

like many she’s a God I cannot see

and I am often quite amazed and awed at the signs she sends to me.


Usually I see no-one when I walk in the early morning dark

but today a young couple was sitting on a bench on the edge of our city park.


They looked so happy sitting there I wondered if they were newlyweds

I waved and as I passed by…”Love Ya” they both said.


Love Ya…when I heard those words I was immediately taken aback

and though I did not know this couple “Love Ya too” I instinctively hollered back.


Those two words were the extent of our conversation…

lasting only as long as they were said.

But for the rest of my walk I was smiling as ‘Love Ya’ echoed in my head.


I was amazed how these simple but beautiful words spoken by strangers along the way

could cause such immediate joy and influence my day.


Continuing my walk I noticed a man coming toward me…soon he’d be passing me by

So filled with the confidence joy instills…I thought I’d give ‘Love Ya’ a try.


He said good morning as he passed…and the moment he turned his head…

Good morning, have a nice day and….Love ya…is what I said.


Our conversation was over quickly…lasting only a short while

and I’m pretty sure once his initial shock wore off I saw that old man smile.


Instead of heading home I ran back to the bench

to thank the couple for the love they chose to share

but when I returned they were gone…

which made me wonder…were they ever really there?


Or perhaps they were two angels…

sent down to say a ‘Love Ya’ just for me….

A reminder to me to spread some love

from a God I cannot see.

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In the middle of a pandemic every time that she was asked

She said, “My God will protect me!”…and so she did not wear a mask.


Still the virus overtook her and her friends and family cried

as her breathing slowly stopped

and eventually…she died.


She arrived at the gates of her Heaven 

feeling frustrated, confused and admittedly…a little odd

“Why didn’t you protect me?” was the question she asked her God.


“I sent so many angels to you,” her God shrugged,

“each angel with a mask and willing to share it…

but every time they offered…

you refused to wear it.”



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“Mommy, do you believe in angels?” Her daughter asked one night as her mother tucked her into bed.

Her mother smiled, then sat down next to her…”I do believe”, she said.


“I believe in angels you can see…and even those you can’t. 

I believe angels are here to protect us…I believe angels can enchant.


I believe angels are sent down to us from somewhere up above.

I believe they have one purpose…and that’s to love, to love…to love.


I believe angles are easy to recognize…you’ll know them at first sight

for though they often try to hide their wings they cannot conceal their light.


Angels are the ones who stop, who smile, who listen, who lend a hand, who share

I believe once you start looking for them…you’ll see angels everywhere. 


And I believe when we need them most that’s when angels will astound us

because it’s in those moments whether we see them or not…we feel their wings around us.


I believe an angel came to me…although it’s been a little while now

who helped me believe in miracles when I’d forgotten how.


Yes, I believe in angels…I believe there’s one here now…

and I believe she’s you…”

“Count again.” her daughter said before descending into sleep …

because I believe there’s two.

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“Daddy, do you believe in angels?” The young boy asked obviously excited

“Why yes I do.” His dad replied and the young boy was delighted.


“Angels are good, aren’t they dad?” He obviously had something on his mind.

“Yes they are.” His father said, “They are loving, generous and kind”.


“I believe they’re here to remind us to stay innocent and pure

and when our heart is aching…to help us find a cure.”


“I believe they are here to remind us to find pleasure in every day

to keep our hearts and minds open to magic…

to help us laugh and run and play.”


“I believe they are here to look out for us…they try to stay hidden…out of view

and influence us to be good…I believe that’s what angels do.”


“Why do you ask?” The father questioned now obviously excited

“Because I have an angel!” the young boy said and his father was delighted.


“He says his name is Harold…and he says my angel he will always be

He says no matter where I am…he’ll always look out for me.”


“That’s wonderful!” his father said, “and where did you two meet?”

“We met In church this morning…we were sharing the same seat.”


And when the chorus sang Hark! Harold the Angel sing

He said, “This is my song”.

Then he floated up to the alter, played his harp, and sang along.


The father smiled at the innocence of his child…his love for him was strong

He was glad he found his angel inside a Christmas song…


And as his father watched at his son’s heart beam…

his own heart began to throb

he was glad to know…

from this point on…


Harold, the angel, was on the job.

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So many questions in this world we cannot answer…

No one can tell us why…

Why do tragedies happen everyday?

Why do children have to die? 


This is the story of one child…

I wish I was singing a happier tune

but this child’s story is over…it ended much too soon.


She did not enter this world peacefully…although her birth was a joyous day

there were complications from the beginning…and more obstacles along the way.


Her story ended a few days ago…at least now she’s out of harm…

She has a place in heaven…she’s in the angel’s arms.


Her parents handled each setback with dignity…with courage…and with grace….

as they tried to cope with the kind of heartache no family should face.


There were trips to hospitals and surgeries…so much going on inside her

and her parents shared her pain and suffering as they stood stoically beside her.


It is a testament to their love…that as they suffered through the haze…

in the midst of all their sorrow…they found joy in other ways


For they loved their little daughter…that was plain for all to see

and they did the best they could to give her life some harmony.


I hope as the years go by…when they stop 

when they pause a while…

they will remember more of the joy than the suffering…

and when they think of her…

they’ll smile.


Perhaps one day their questions will be answered…

when they join their daughter…out of harm

when they hold her again heaven…

when they’re together…


in the angel’s’ arms.

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I’ve always believed angels can speak to us.

They speak in voices soft but clear.

If we take the time to listen.

If we take the time to hear.


And I use to believe angels were skittish,

unwilling to be seen…day or night.

Happy to watch over and protect us

while remaining just out of sight.


Today on our morning walk we spotted some angels…

resting on the leaves…

of a tiny tree by the side of the road

which leads me to believe…


Angels are always close at hand.

Perhaps they drift in on the breeze.

Perhaps they hide beneath our shadows

or linger in the trees…


And it’s only when we open our minds

that we are able to free them…

and only when we open our hearts


that we are able to see them

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