Condensation Shades Radiation

Smothered by this weightless white sheet,
I become sightless, unable to see.
With no benevolent light,
how could one have any sight?
Need of the star kills,
but she perpetually fills
our bleeding desire full
of her warmth and the pull
that bring us to life every day.
I crave her, but there’s no way
to satisfy my wishful want
of killing this dreadful taunt
of her face: bright, lively,
the only way to revive me.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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In The Arms of The Mother


Where it was where it is where it will be again
the sun sets the sun sleeps
the sun goes down on the living

Living dying dreaming under the moon's glow
the moon sings the moon comforts
the moon cradles the people in her arms.

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I feel your love

Is like a coat

Just wrap it around me

While, in air, I float


I know some have said

They wanted to throw it off

But me, oh no I just

Want keep it on and scoff


At the peoples who don’t

Want that coat or its warmth

Because I do, I love it

Because it is so warm


So I keep it on

As I plan to keep you

Because we are so in love

It’s so perfect and it’s true



Written on

March 27, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one for Bri. I read Coat by Vickie Feaver and thats where this one came from. I only took the title, the poem itself was about how she felt he was like a coat and wanted to shrug it off, and doing so she realized that he was her warmth. I didn't want this one to be like that so I did say he was my warmth but I didn't even want to shrug it off  the same way she did. 

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