I always get disappointed.

I go to New York City

and travel around by subway.


I’m always hearing tales

of the legendary NYC subway rats

bigger than a tomcat

& I descend the stairs 

with great anticipation;

trembling with excitement.


Much to my chagrin,

I see plenty of rats scurrying about

But they’re all regulation size rats.


I never see the behemoths

immortalized in bronze statue

throughout the system.


And I travel Manhattan, 

Queens, Brooklyn & the Bronx.

I see them about on the tracks 

& on the platform

terrorizing tourists

and amusing subway musicians.


But they’re always normal size.

Maybe the behemoths

all moved to Staten Island

to study at the Dojo of Wu Tang.


Maybe they followed 

baby boomers

into nowhere New Jersey.


They never come out on my watch.




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Rats coming out

from their hiding


looking for food;

looking to scavage;


Blood thirsty


coming to collect,

whatever they can

put their dirty paws


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Dogs And Cats

Animal Rights


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Why has our species
made pets of carnivorous
dogs and cats?
To make them hitmen
of mice and rats.

But more and more
dogs are vegan
and more and
more there
are vegetarian cats


  -saiom shriver-




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wildrosing, ripe applkes, water all, waters of life, waterfall shade, trees can't scream, God dances in all

Poem Strings


-saiom shriver-
Sun and shade
the rye dapple
as the sun
swells ripe apples

is wildrosing
the rye

in the shade
not permitted to
dance with the sun.
Cinderella ...
from the after
midnight moon
For those with
thirst panting
are God-designed
watermelon canteens
For the ants and
curled leaves...
and for long
water carriers
From every stream
and each waterfall
From every lake
and puddle
water's uniting with all

Fish can't scream.
Trees can't scream,
when they're axed or
hooked in the stream.
God does dance
in each beetle
every ant
all rats and mice
all weeds
every plant.


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uncultured creature

touch or click

Uncultured creature unhonoured honourable. with no respect for human food. moving slowly slowly slowly. To its target faster when caught moved not when flashed on oh! Uncultured rat. my remnant your food with thou not so gentle teeth you chew the forbidden fruit. moving slowly slowly slowly to a point of rest. a rest; your end

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An experience worth experiencing! (that creature can make one wander on a spot )

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Axe Lady





Then she drops the axe on him,

Running fearful in her mind,

She runs to gain comfort from another,

"unlocks the Hatch",

And climbs in,

And both their fears sell their souls,

To the rage of the wind.


Years later, she sees him,

She tries to buy it back,

But an angel who walks with Jesus,

His protector, has his back.



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Punks of Nature

Punks of Nature
We had lost our sky, our land, our home. The end of the world had begun, it wasn't anything similar to what we had thought it will be, and it was a surprising event. It wasn’t what the bible said, nor what the Mayas predicted. Our friends had turned their backs on us, and what we rejected becomes our only choice.
After we were attacked we didn’t had no choice but to escape, leaving our family and friends on the way. They rapidly took control of our houses, the streets, the skies and the seas; there wasn’t an extended list of where to seek for refugee, so we decided to go in the sewers. There we found a completely different world. A creature that seemed to have the leader role in there approached us, but we didn’t understood what he was saying. They guide us aggressively to what appeared to be a kind of cell in were we stayed, they gave us crumbs of food and water, it wasn’t much but it was enough. Day after day more and more refugees started to arrive, but still no one could understand what these creatures were trying to tell us.
One night, a family arrived; they seemed to have been thru some difficult times. They were 3, the mother, the father, and a girl named Ayxa. Ayxa was 3 years old, she couldn’t have a serious talk with a grown up but, it seemed that she could talk and understand with our savers. After we realized this, we try to mobilize to try and find the leader who guided us here. We searched for hours and after a long search we finally found him. There we realized that the creatures, our savers, weren’t nothing more than rats and some insect.
We saw how Ayxa was communicating with them, they talked for hours. It was really obvious Ayxa’s body language, we could easily tell when she was scared or when she was relaxed. What the rat, the leader, told Ayxa was this:
“It’s hard to explain what is happening. For hundreds of years the other rats and I have been building the resistance in which we could refugee from the other animals’ plans. We collected crumbs and old food to survive. You humans didn’t understand the purpose of our actions, so we decided to act hostile for a while. The other animals, the ones you called your best friends, considered us punks, they said we were rebels. We didn’t want to participate in their evil plan to take the world, they pretended to be your friends for all this years but their intentions were never good. At these hard times, you without knowing it created this resistance. It’s time us to help you in your misery. We’re stronger than them, we’re wiser than them, and we all together will succeed.”
We then realized that the resistance wasn’t just build by rats; there were also cockroaches, crows and all kinds of spiders. That’s when we decided to join them. We had simple works, because we were bigger we couldn’t help them in the exploration tasks, but we helped with food and strength when needed. We were a team, like in the old times.

Alejandro de la Fuente
L. Alejandra Davila

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