The Laws of Erosion


The winds of change have blown over the land
the kiss of decay has eroded the ways of the old
and corrupted the dreams of the new
the hand of the law has us chocking
and the commands of uncle Sam have deafened
every ear
look soon for the foot of enforcement will kick in your doors
and steal away your rights
take away your bibles take away your lives
over the land the chilly calm will lay her blanket
and the winds of change will blow over the land.

Stop It

Stop it

Stop it don’t ruin our fun
Stop this nonsense little one
Stop it don’t act like that
Stop this annoyance you have begun
Stop it right now, because you’re no fun

Stop it don’t tell no one
Stop that kid, he’s on the run
Stop it don’t be like this
Stop that stupidness he has begun
Stop it right now, or face our one

Stop it don’t share your thoughts
Stop him, his lies now spread
Stop it don’t campaign like this
Stop his revolution, it has now begun
Stop it right now, because your thoughts are dumb

Author's Notes/Comments: 

©Travis Whitacre Tue 1/31/2012 9:05 PM

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Mark of the Beast (song)

How can you see in a world so blind?
Propaganda fills your head, polluting your mind.
Twistin' your words and feeding you lies,
The Man's got you beat, to doped to realize.

Promoting love and praying for peace,
But the men behind it all wear the Mark of the Beast.
They'll smile in your face as they weave their lie,
Stab you in the back just to watch you die.

And the Innocent One and the Holy Father,
Frozen in fear by the sight of this slaughter.
Stricken with awe at the destruction and carnage,
With the blood of millions, the Earth is tarnished.

No goddamn illusion is gonna solve,
World's on edge, so easily dissolved.
Takes one push to fuck their system,
When you're done with their games, dammit, heed my wisdom.

Get out of it now, before it's too late,
When you're so drunk with passion and fueled by hate.
Don't blame it on chance, or excuse it as fate;
Get out of it now, before it's too fuckin' late.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the first metal song I wrote for my thrash band and is the second full song lyrics I've written, this one has a bit of language in it, I apologize to anyone who is offended, but I feel it is essential to this song and to express my feelings at the time I wrote it.

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The Fallen (song)

A world full of pain, sorrow, and hate.
War presses on with Death in its wake.
Lamentations of horror, loss, and of grief.
Like ants in a flood, seeking relief.

Lost souls wander aimlessly,
Horrified by all they see.
Rising up from hallowed graves,
Greeted by a world depraved.

The blood of youth flows, staining Earth red.
They wash their hands clean, but it hangs on their head,
Conscience ripping at their being,
As they feed their war machine.

Lost souls wander aimlessly,
Horrified by all they see.
Rising up from hallowed graves,
Greeted by a world depraved.

With blackened hearts they carry on,
Toiling under a tireless sun.
While their fallen lay in shallow graves,
Where nameless tombs mark darkened days.

In the distance the women mourn,
A future bleak, shadows forlorn.
Call-to-arms, Ares' might,
Young men rise to join the fight.

Lost souls wander aimlessly,
Horrified by all they see.
Rising up from hallowed graves,
Greeted by a world depraved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a song I wrote for my technical thrash metal band, it is the third full song lyrics I have written:)

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Will Western Wall become the Wailing Wall of pain

Will Western Wall become the Wailing Wall of pain ?
Will King David's Jerusalem divided be again ?
Will Israel be turned into the massive Jewish Ghetto ?
Will USA betray its only true ally, forgoing in UN its right of casting veto ?

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                  I work jobs three.

                          I want everybody to see.

                          Doing that.

                   I just barely get by.  It makes me cry.

                          I ask why.

   I'm at or below the poverty line.  No it's not fine.  

   I walk the line.

                           This is a terrible life of mine





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                        The big hotels of steel.

                           Towers of power.

  They glass too.  I wonder if the homeless people get blue.

                 They just sit and let time pass.

            Sheraton sign of red.  

   What thoughts are going through their heads.

   Seeing them, I wonder how those without a home feel.

   They are alone.

    At night, the neon bright shines in their eyes.

   Bright enough to blind.  A home these people cannot find.

       Those without a home.  I'm sure they feel alone.

              I wonder if they cry.

                       All the important people walking by.

  They have money.

                         Maybe they think it's funny.  


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          1. The Court said it was eight months.  Where do you draw the line?  What about nine months or ten months?

          2. This law does not mean women cant get another job.  It does not even mean that they still cant get the one they had.  All it means is there will be no guarantees.  If they are better qualifiued than other candidates, they should get their job back.

   3. What do women want?  This deal allows them to have the best of both worlds.  If they do not like it, don't get pregnant.  Or, they should not work outside the home.

  4. They could also find another state or another country to live in.

   5. Women could adopt children.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

1. I thank my college professor, Dr. Robert Keighton, for shaping me into the excellent debater that I am.  
2. I will debate anybody on anything.  Just tell me the topic.

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                                        Day after day.

                                        There's no other way.

                                        Night after night.

                                        A situation not bright.

                                        Minute after minute.

                                       Hour after hour.  Everybody else has all

                                      the power.

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