There Was Nothing (We Could Do)

The hypnotizing music sets in

Rhythm dissolves into the epitome of abstract

As the familiar crutch is ripped away

Sit down.


Stand up.


Hearing conflicting voices

Walk into the jaws of hell

Propelled by a now unknown force

With no protection, into the darkness

a  g r i d

           llliiinnneeesss  everywhere

Growing and intensifying

We can wipe you out anytime

The drums are threatening me

Don't underestimate us...


The confusion lessens,

At the realization...




Laughter unlike any other kind

Maniacal, cleansing

Purged of built up filth

Rejuvenated by the raindrops

Suddenly it dissipates into static silence

and I'm on my own

   breathless and disoriented

To get it together

Become reacquainted with gravity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Jan. '07) Comparing Salvia and "Sit Down, Stand Up"

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This is How we play it...


No one really knows how it goes but

This is the way we play it man

I guess what I’m trying to say is

It’s all part of one big plan

Yea we know this song is dumb

But hey at least were having fun

No one really knows how it goes but

This is the way this shit gets done!

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The Musical Garden

Satanic Serenades

The air is still as an incensed breeze blows gently from the West...

Moonlight cascades from graceful hills

Setting the land aglow with an eerie lucidity

A faint tone lingers and floats from the silence

And slowly the shadows from earth come alive

From flora and fauna come lissom expressions

Arising and stretching through soft-laden dew

Harmonious whispers, a velvety touch

Ascending and falling, the waves of a dream

A music exquisite, an orchestral stream

A placid sensation, a singular team

Vibrations felt deeply, straight to the core

A beautious vision, a dancing rapport

A distant voice echoes, joining in song

Mists of the evening, a spectral fog

Pulsating rhythms in passionate thrall

While phantomesque figure looms over them all

Increasing, decreasing, climbing the heights

Drifting on wings of black-feathered flight

Surrounded in opulent, elegant night

A starry reflection grants nocturnal sight

Melodious opus responding in kind

Reaching the darkest abyss of the mind

The tranquil reception reclines for a rest

Enfolding serenely into their beds

The eternal opus continues again

Until the next dusk when spiderwebs cloak

The Musical Garden will speak the next note

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by viewing an enthralling orchestra in the throes of a masterpiece, a recent excursion to an Arboretum, and enjoying the night at Satan's Hollow.

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Stress in F sharp minor

eats away at me.

do i need to face it?

can't do my work.

  can do my work.

must do my work.

never should have majored in music.

love it.

hate it.

can't live without it.

it's my drug.

my passion

my reason for living.

my method of slowly dying.

somedays faster than others.

an elusive ideal, only attainable postmortem.

even then, will singing be there?

yes. stress. in F sharp Minor.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

totally stressed out...

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Music Antidote

Musical Antidote flows right to the bone,

Musical Inspirations hits me harder then Stone.

Being my Soul, the Air I Breathe,

It's constantly strong then anything else to me.

No matter how black the sky may seem,

With my Music I hardly look at anything Negatively.

The Rhythum of this Life was once hard for me,

I became Depressed and too Blind to see.

This Light source of Life, the Craft of Strife,

the Inspirations it gave me seemed so right.

My Creations grew stronger, I could hold on for Longer,

And now I'm here where I feel I Belong.

Because Music gave me everything, Including thoughts for this song,

No matter how many times I'd get up on Stage,

I'll still Remember I couldn't of been here today.

I'll remember the Pain of those Long dreary Days,

Where the Mornings where no Different, Sunshine or Rain.

I'll remember the Hurt the struggle, the pain,

And How Music helped me get stronger each Day.

Now to wake up, Just to taste the Rain,

reminds me of a symphony instead of a continous Strain,

knowing no matter what i've done today,

Music will confort me and help me Each Day.

Music from the Beginning Right to the End,

A Lifelong Partner, A Lifelong Friend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

11:14am  21st of July 2006

Written and Editted for College Project

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The bells

They stood silently,


The crowd was still,

And the air was quiet.


Then, swiftly they were up!

Swinging to and fro.

The music filled the void,

And the crowd was awed.

The bells had spoken.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is one of the first poems I was really and truely proud of. I love bells and collect them and I love the sounds they make.

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To some people

Music is like an escape.

maybe how one is feeling?

Or it may even be your life.

One has to truley listen

To the words

They are not sung.

They are telling you

Whats going on.

Don't just sing the music

Feel it.

Don't mimic it.

You are basically reading a story

Or even listening to ones darkest thoughts

Dreams or maybe even

Their deepest desires.

There are more than just


Behind the songs.

Those words are there for a reason.

You just have to find out why.

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Guitar Man (For John Williams)

Music sounds from afar

The young man strums on his guitar

As music blares

The faces stare

Drums are sounding out the beat

The fans are melting in the heat

As sweat starts dripping in the crowd

Guitar man turns his amp up loud

Keyboards hum a soulful tune

The musics end begins to loom

The sound is dying

Fans are crying

Guitar man turns his amp down low

An acoustic rhythm begins to flow

One last song before the closure

Then the band packs up, the concerts over

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by, and written for an awesome guitarist I know called John, - You know who you are!! :-) Also dedicated to GSC - You're one in a million G!

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Victim Of Lies

Our Fold Songs

Sick of normal life,

jumped into some lovers bed and prayed that every night would be the same.

Oh and how he curled your toes,

Charmed you with a plastic rose,

i could hear the moans at mine from wingates grove.


And i`ll be up at the water tower,

One reach away from power,

i could hold you there and watch the view for days.

And i`ll be there when your flame goes out,

One hand to stifle shouts,

How could you hate the love you give away?


I said please miss, please miss,

How did you win life?

She said easy, easy,

Just had to bet right.

Cos you`re a victim of lies,

i can see it in your eyes.

You`re a victim of lies,

And now your soul`s died.

He slipped into the night,

never to return again and the light you shone that night went everywhere.

And why you looking so suprised?

You lied into your mothers eyes,

How could you hate the love she gives away?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Recording of this tune at-

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