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Hanging out. Having fun. Working.

Don't judge what you don't understand...
Katie Lynn Stuart
I live the way I want to live. If you don't like it, tough shit. It's my life. I'm a bitch? Sorry I don't know how to say 'fuck you' politely. I dont sugar-coat shit. I tell you what you need to hear. If that upsets you, go find someone else who will lie just to make you feel better. I forgive people easily, but I wont let you walk all over me. I get attached easily. I also detach easily. Be warned. If you've got a problem with me, tell me. Shit flies past me sometimes. Scratch my car and you die. Eat in my car and you'll suffer a worse fate. I treasure my PacMan. My Dad is probably the most important person in my life. I want to be treated like a person rather than an item, I HATE being lied to and always find out the truth. I can't stand being ignored so don't attempt it. I dislike talking on the phone. Therefore texting happens [ask for ##].
Jealousy is a killa.
I don't take things too serious, who wants to live life that way? NO DRAMA. If you come on MY page and START it. I'll kill you. If you don't like me remember it's mind over matter; I don't mind and you don't matter. My friends are my life, don't mess with them, if you do, you answer to me. I love hanging out with new people and going out-doors. Camping and fishing? Totally there!! I'm not as nice as I look and will put you in your place real quick, I've got a mean right hook. I've never been one to enjoy talking about feelings. I'd rather bottle them up inside and let them explode in a crying fit later. So I'm a bitch, huh? Well you're a whore and personally, I'd rather be known for what I do, not who I screw. One way or another, you're going to remember my name. Let's talk.

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If you would accompany me to the darkness of the day, we'd spend eternity in love this way.


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