(T. Beechey)

I'm seeking validation
For why I've been allowed
Among the population
In the midst of the crowd
But I'm no closer proving
What I am here for
And the hands of time keep moving
A second less, a second more

I'm hunting for some evidence
To justify my worth
And a purpose for my presence
Upon the planet Earth
But I'm no closer learning
What I am here for
And the hands of time keep turning
A second less, a second more

The hands of time continue on undaunted in their race
Even as I write, another second's gone and another fills its space
Meanwhile, in the middle, is as far as I have trekked
For solutions to a riddle whose solving goes unchecked

I'm sifting through the remnants
Of a life I never knew
While surrounded by the fragrance
Of someone who once was you
But I'm no closer finding
What I'm looking for
And the hands of time keep winding
A second less, a second more

I'm searching through my yesterdays
For who I used to be
While enveloped in the haze
Of your faded memory
But I'm no closer knowing
What I'm looking for
And the hands of time keep going
A second less, a second more

The hands of time continue on, they don't believe in rest
Even as I write, another second's gone and another's to be guessed
Meanwhile, in the middle, Is where I stand and wait
For solutions to a riddle whose solving wears no date

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(T. Beechey)

You just knew he ran the show by the way that he would strut

And he wanted everyone to know exactly what was what

He wasn't tall, he wasn't large but he stood out in a crowd

And you could see he was in charge and that fact made him proud

Some claimed he came from poverty and that trouble followed him

Others said on his family tree he was perched on the highest limb

I never knew which one was true but I knew he wrote my check

And, at least, from my point of view he was worthy of respect

Every time he walked into a room

All the chatter would be done

Cause everyone just assumed

He was the chosen one

He had that look, that walk, that smile

That announced, "Hey,  I've arrived!

"And I'll be staying for a while

"Or as long as I'm alive!”

Tailor-made suits were all he wore and his shoes had a glossy shine

His wallet bulged and he'd only pour for himself the expensive wine

In a chauffeur-driven limousine, he'd make his way through town

Then back to his mansion on the green just before the sun went down

I heard rumors of a checkered past but I never gave them thought

I just saw he was moving up fast and I wanted what he got

He patted the backs and shook the hands of the rich and well-to-do

From both here and foreign lands and his reputation grew

Every time he walked into a room

All the attention would be his

Cause everyone just assumed

Since the press dubbed him a whiz

He had that look, that walk, that smile

That announced, “Hey, look at me!

“And I'll be staying for a while

“Just for all of you to see!”

I never heard him mention a wife or of children that he raised

It seemed to me his entire life was built around the days

He'd spend sitting at his desk counting up his dough

Even his identity wore a mask cause his name I did not know!

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(T. Beechey)

In between the hills and valleys

There exists a hidden wall

Separated by blind alleys

Over which no shadows fall

And this wall cannot be climbed

Or tunnelled underneath

Just when you think there's time

Fate's already laid the wreath

It's just another obstacle

That lies somewhere between

What pretends to be logical

But, in the end, comes clean

There is no sense of being

Only what you used to be

And what's the point of seeing

When there's nothing left to see?

As I walk inside the footprints

That may indeed be mine

There's an unfamiliar distance

Which defies to be defined

It's just another obstacle

That lies somewhere between

The never-ending ritual

And the final opening scene

Is it any wonder

That sanity's paper-thin

When we're measured by the blunders

That keep us as we've been?

And the absence of perspective

Truly comes as no surprise

Since hope grows ineffective

By each smattering of lies

It's just another obstacle

That lies somewhere between

All that could be possible

And all that's still unseen

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(T. Beechey)

Do you recall that winter's night when the snow was up to here

And you said, “I think I'll write a song just for us,dear”?

And so you did then you made a recording of that song?

Last night, I found that tape and played your sentiments all night long

I tried to play that song you wrote

And I swore I wouldn't cry

I barely got past the opening note

When the tears, they filled my eyes

It reminded me of everything

That I could never be

And all that I had to cling to

Was your memory

I was searching for a matching glove and beneath a pile of pens

Was the tape on which you sang your love, I chose to play it again

It reminded me of everything my soul could not define

And all that I had to cling to that was never really mine

I tried to play that song of yours

And I vowed to shed no tears

But, with every word, each teardrop pours

Till the landscape disappears

It reminded me of everything

That I had just for a while

And all that I had to cling to

Were echoes of your smile

Remember that song you wrote for me? I found the tape last night

And I wondered if it'd help me see what used to be so right

It reminded me of everything that wasn't mine to seek

And all that I had to cling to were teardrops on my cheek

Last night's the night that I chose

To play your song once more

But I watched in vain as you arose

And again walked out the door

It reminded me of everything

That over time grew dull

And all that I had to cling to

Was nothing, nothing at all

Can you recollect a winter's eve when the snow was piled up high

And you said, "I believe I'll write a song for you and I"?

And so you did, then you put those sentiments on a tape...

...even as I'm lowered foot by foot, from her song I can't escape

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Sir Sticks

Mister sticks, sir mighty sticks

You've found your godly throne

You've stood to face the crowd undone

But you cannot go alone

The four, the six, the booming voice

Stand for you to call

They long to quell the masses rise

And they cannot stall for long

So lead the march with heavy arms

Your vehicle at lead

While they follow, keeping pace

Staying just in reach

Would they love you, more in fact

If you'd go unarmed?

If you called with lightning strings

Or used your jaws to charm?

Can you boast your stomping wits

Your metal-handed sway?

When so many sully forth

To take your fame away

I'll bet you're hungry, burning hot

Waiting for your go

To cast aside their bottom line

And show what you can show

You rally cry,

They trust in you

You pick up speed,

They follow suit

They look to you to fill their gaps

To bring change so smooth and still

And you'll be happy to roll on down

And thunder off your will

So trust your head

Trust your hands

As you travel

Make demands

Earn your keep,

Worthington Sticks

And know that this

Is what you'll get.

Just trust the might of the family Sticks.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'll be the reason we're taken seriously.

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Jazz Music

Jazz music

is emotion




covers all

leaves none.

It never ends.

It continues.

    Improv is

Never the same.

    It’s unique


Jazz is beautifully


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Classical Music

Classical music




    Minor is sad

Major goes

Either way.

It ends.

It starts

    Can repeat.

It’s specific.

    It’s stylized


Classical music

    Is clean.

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Techno Hour

Sitting here in total silience, I become boring and dull

Clocks are ticking and times a wasting, yet I got nothing to do

So I look for a song to listen to and blast my volume to full

I nod my head and and start to sing along to a few

Music starts to fill my head and surround my very being

Beats start pumping and my body is only agreeing

Jumping up and down and shaking my body with all my might

Music swells me and fills my ears with his voice

And I close my eyes to block away every sight

I let my body move freely as it starts to rejoice

My mouth opens and sings along, maybe badly

But who cares! All I care about right now is me

Song after song it makes me feel alive

Line after line I get more into the song

I let out everything as if it was to revive

My deadening soul to where it's meant to belong

He may be no Angel in the Night or the cutest guy

But his beats keep my rhythym at it's high

My heart is pounding and my face all red

A smile on my face and sweat on my brow

I had my own little techno hour in my head

And I'm relieved of my boredom now

Til next time I shall dance again

My private rave, just tell me when ;)

*Basshunter (Angel in the Night is a song reference. Good band, my best friend got me hooked on them)


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Through Music

If every note that I played

Could ignite the vision of your beautiful smile in my mind

I would never cease

If every song that I sang

Could make me feel the joy of your presence

I'd never refrain

If every song that I heard

Could make me feel your warm embrace

I'd listen in sweet serenity forever

Through music

I can hear your voice

Clear as a bell

It captivates my soul

I'm healed by your loving grace that I feel when I hear music

It's almost as though I can hear your voice

You will forever be my muse, my inspiration, my heart's delight

You have brought the joy of music into my life

And I now know that it shall never leave <3

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