Rock N'Roll Syndrome


So I had to go the Shrink's today

Doc says I got some chronic disease

Parents are worried so instantly agreed

So here I am in the chair, listening to Mr.G, number my symptoms 1 to 3

"Adrenline rushes!"

"Insomnic junkie!"

"Concussion to the head!"

"Name:Tara Radosevich?" he slightly grins


"Now Tara I've got a hunch so I'll ask you some questions to see if what I predict is right or not."

With a nod of my head he clicks his pen.

"Your favorite food?"

"Red Hot Chili Peppers."

"Name someone who is left handed."

"Jimi Hendrix."

"Ever heard of Alice in Wonderland?"

"No, but I've heard of an Alice, last name Cooper."

"Know any good poets?"

"Jim Morrison."

"Who is a prince?"

"Ozzy Osbourne."

"The saddest day for you will be?"

"When the Rolling Stones split."

"Name three dead people you would like to meet again?"

"Steve Clark, Kurt Cobain, and John Lennon."

"Your first love was?"

"Axl Rose."

Mr.G checks off his chart then says,"Now let's do some word association."




"The Ramones, Bon Jovi, and Metallica."


"Steven Tyler."




"The Clash."








"Vince McNeil and Tommy Lee."






"Freddie Mercury."








"Joan Jett, Stevie Nikks, and Bikini Kill."

"A bird?"

"The Eagles."


"Pat Benatar and that song Lowrider."









"Keith Moon?"

"The Who?"

Mr.G finishes,

The results are in

"So tell me doc what do I have?"

"Just as I suspected, you've caught Rock N'Roll Syndrome."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love music so much that it all just came off the top of my head.

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Save me

Save me sweet music,

Im selling my soul.

Its nothing to no one,

Im out of control

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Walking By Faith

V1 - I see you

I feel you

I hear you

Please, Lord, hear me

V2 - You see me

You feel me

You hear me

Please let me hear you

Time and time again

We don't ask why or when

What you give us, guide our way

This is how and what we'll say

And I'm walking by faith

And I'm praising your name

As the world gets in, gets into my face

And I'm still giving you...all of my praise

Cuz you saved me now

For the rest of my days

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So, who likes music? Ha ha, ha ha, Yeah!

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Some lunatic's screaming in the distance

Somebody nearby mutilates a guitar and its strings

Another casualty's hitting anyone with anything

If music be the flavor of the soil, play on

Bumping and collapsing to the beat and retreat

Lost and trampled at a forgotten ground-zero

Lights flicker and sway in frenzy

People screaming and vomit at their leisure

Bloody spray is like some kind of omen

The pride of the pit relies on organic hysterics

To breathe the pain is to experience the show,

whether or not one feels the heat or hears the music

Without talent or restraint a man can scream to please

The girlies squeal and the hardcore shuffle

In the wild grey yonder we see a pattern puzzle in

Organized crime compares to beautiful music,

while sock-faced bank robbery stays true to the riff

Kids flock to the station-savy and the trends

Elitists mold their genre by whatever's obscured by life

Fossils breaking to enter, scurry away with memory in hand

Whoever's left gets to pick up the pieces

and arrange them however they like

The disc eternally skips.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just don't get the attraction to bad music accompanied by bad concerts.

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Sista' Soul


Sista' Soul

loves rock n' roll,



blues,hip hop too,

loves rap,loves

pop and rhythm n' blues.

She's high

high as a kite...

movin' groovin'

so outta sight!

Sista' Soul,

loves country and


celtic n' swing,

when she dances

she's gotta sing!

She's high,

high as a kite...

movin' groovin'

so outta sight!

Sista' Soul,

gets down tonight,

disco to 'Frisco,

to New York City!

My that Sista',

sure is busy!

She's high,

high as a kite...

movin' groovin'

so,outta sight!

Sista' Soul loves

so much more,

just let her go,

right out the door!

She's high,

high as a kite....

movin' groovin'

so, outta sight!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just thinking about rhtyhm and how much I love it, plus combined with soul, and sound, and tunes that go with...(as I also write music lyrics as well) I just thought that this poem needed to be told/written..after all, Sista' Soul is a big part of everyones' life!

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(title not yet made up)

I Bleed the poetry that comes from the verses unheard from the empty herses and left hanging corspe the forgotten child the baby unborn the soul of a creature yet to be restored and this force this sense that put blood into my vains this exquisite beauty of listening to noise the unheard melody without a single noise a tap a strum an echo of a voice its a dripping echo of broken stereos my record and my life a music note in a tune with a 4 keyed signature on an 8 beat fret and trip trip trip over the lines unwritten and plastered on paper and conceal the broken and tender lines flowing in blood from head to toe i force this poem i gorge this music the only thing beating in my black heart grown...

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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We are disbanded

Harmony dispersed

Continuity halted

Reproof rehearsed!

Why does it happen?

Hearts torn and broken

Dreams misshapen

Destinies forsaken!

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Sleep to a Lullaby

My body is swaying

With the soft cushions

While lying in this bed

Of emotions!

My ear is perked up

And pointed at the ceiling

As the throw pillow is

Breathing and humming!

My eyes are not awake

They weren't as shrewd!

Because gulls are graceful

Their concerns eschewed!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Jim Chappell's Lullaby and written while listening to his composition.

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Listening To The Air

I am lying but not

That I don't tell the truth,

Because now that I'm

Floating, that's the truth!

I do not explicate

That lying is truthful,

Because I'm floating,

And it's beautiful!

Listening to the air

Is supposed to be quiet

But null, unlike Bach's Air,

It's just like death!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is primordially inspired by Bach's Air on a G String and was written principally while listening to the music.

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