The Band

1,2…1 2 3 4

Begin to dance, move towards the floor

Bodies swayin’, music playin’

Lust’s in the air, I can feel it weighin’

Every inch of skin covered in sweat

Hands begin wavin’, louder it gets

Bass is on fire, drums pound with desire

Sing that song as the guitar grooves on

I can see you standin’ there

Pullin’ your fingers through your long silky hair

Eyes full of dangerous wantin’

Come on here, I’ll give ya somethin’

Every inch of skin covered in sweat

Hands begin wavin’, louder it gets

Bass is on fire, drums pound with desire

Sing that song as my guitar grooves on

Quit your starin’ or you’ll make me darin’

No time, no time, no drinks for sharin’

2 o’clock rolls around

One more song and home I’m bound

Every inch of skin covered in sweat

Hands begin wavin’, louder it gets

Bass is on fire, drums pound with desire

I’ll sing your song as my guitar grooves on

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Came to me after a night out listenin' to the sweetest band in the Triad.

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On a Summer Note

in what key was that Indian summer

written? alternately counting the tumbling

leaves and careering meteors burning

brightest in their final seconds than all

the rest that time granted them combined

every off chord and sour note strummed

to no more noble end than to prance

out a beauty boredom symphony in

my bones while the memory in my

fingers works out the scale and the music

i know it exists among

A sharps and E flats most major minor


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The Music Box

The Music Box

As the knob turns

the music plays

a song that can calm

any heart.

The figures turn

to the music.

The meladoly puts

young ones to sleep

to a gental tune,

as the others dance away.

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Music's Affect

Why do I feel so helpless,

As music wraps around me,

My senses drown to a minimum,

While my mind is set free.

It's dangerous as I listen...

A tune rocket through my ears,

I should be bored of the constant beat,

But it's still new after all these years.

Feeding through to my soul,

I don't care for things in this zone,

I'm not scared of this affect,

Because I know I'm not alone!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm telling ya man, music is like a drug to me....dude!

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Open Chord


I always play like I'm up on the stage,

Fingers hitting every note.

The distortion rings in my ears,

The open chords I play.

My instrument takes me away,

Somewhere where I am the conductor of my own symphony.

I tremble with every vibrato,

Throw my head back and cry out in ecstacy.

This is nothing short of a sonic orgasm to me.

I sweat with every song.

The touch of tightly wound strings beneath my fingers,

Is like touching heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little insight to what playing guitar is to me.

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about/for friends

The charming fellow

Who plays the cello

Wearing the yellow

Bow tie

This I can not deny

For this is no lie

His bow glides on the strings

Which comes forth a wonderful thing

He plays his solo twice

For it is quite nice

The ever changing of his fingures

As the bow slides past the stings

He is playing the second chair

On this night so fair

Now he plays his cello with quite force

With this he plays with little remorse

When the concert ends we will all cheer

With that he shall appear

Take a bow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my friend Cohann Barrett.

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Music of the Night

Mental Stuff

It is an eerie melody

Of beauty and mystery

That draws me from my chambers

In the dark of the night

I aimlessly search for the source

Even through my slumber

I search and follow the song

The Music of the night...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dont know what compelled me to write this...all I remember is, in my youth...I would always hear a single melody everynight...and I never found out what was making it...but I still remember the tune.

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The bow glides

gracefully over the violin

making a peaceful sound

The pounding of the piano keys

can bring simple harmoney

The choir sings

joyus melodies

And the charming

fellow who plays

the cello

sits down to play his song

along with the rest

which will make this

evening best

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Encore, Encore
the crowd shouted
the singer replyed
you want more
then I'll hit the floor
He danced
he sang
he played guitar
but in the end
Ziggy went too far
Hundreds of
cheering teens
all came to see
their favorite
Glam Queen

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about the david bowie concert I went to.

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