The Music In Me

I look inside the mirror

And see the person staring back at me.

Someone inside me's singing,

Singing joyfully.

She sings a song of sixpens,

Of lickin' chickens and

Stinky cheesemen.

Then she changes to a minor key

And mourns for what she's lost

And what she'll never ever see.

Requiem bells peal in perfect harmony.

I silence her then,

But I can't help but think:

"I wish I could sing like her,

Could soar to pitches both high and low,

Could start a trail of tears or summon a smile,

All with the sound of my voice."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem I wrote a while ago....

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The John Micheal Osbourne Poem

John micheal osbourne poem!

The poor little white boy

From Uk who

Dreamed of


A famous

Rock star


His dad

Was mean to him

And his brothers

And he talked down

To them. And told them they weren?t

Never Going to amount to anything

  Then Sharon?s father signed

him to a record deal.

And ozzy and Sharon

Started dating privately

Her dad found out about

Their relationship

And tried to put a hit out

On Sharon to have

somebody kill her!

From that day forward Sharon

Became ozzy?s manger

And they were Wed!

Ozzy got on drugs so bad!

He tried to choke

Sharon to death

One day! But

Despite all

Their hard times

She?s stuck by his

Side the entire time!

And they 3 beautiful kids

Named Amiee, Kelly and jack

Kelly's his middle child

The drama queen and the baby

People say. One thing is for sure

John micheal osbourne is the hellraiser

Of the heavy metal stage!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about ozzy osbourne enough said!

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My Lullaby

My Blessings X's 3

Hush little baby don't you cry

Momma's gonna sing you a lullaby

And if that lullaby is true

Momma's gonna sing it again for you

Sleep little baby close your eyes

Down goes the sun and the moon will rise

Dark is the night and light is the day

Now onto dreamland your thoughts to play

Quiet and still you must lay in bed

Gently on pillow you rest your head

God will keep you safe and sound

For tomorrow's journeys again are found

Strength it will build and make you strong

For life's little struggles - your life long

You can succeed at whatever your goal

Put faith in God he will bless your soul

My prayers are forever and ever with you

My three little children  -  I LOVE YOU

So now as you drift on into sleep

I ask the LORD to protect and keep

My little children safe from harm

That I may embrace you in my arms

So my little babies close your eyes

Momma's gonna sing you lullabys

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Lullaby
Written to the tune of Mocking Bird
May 29, 1985  -  
by Becky   Shaw

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Sound Of Music (not from 1965 movie)

My music is outspoken!

For some the light's broken,

But life is like it, frozen!

--Seized all of a sudden!

Not a synthesizer

To whet our equalizer!

Without music, I swear,

Dead birds are quieter!

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Thanks to the music


when I'm trapped in a nightmare and I can't escape

when my heart is shattered and can't be fixed with tape

when the voices in my head won't hush and it hurts to be alive

when it takes all I am and every ounce of energy to survive

when the shadows on my wall eat me up and drown me in fear

when I'm on the floor crying and breaking down is near

I turn to you and listen to your voice and the words you say

it doesn't ease my pain but it's enough to get me through the day


thanks to the music

I am still standing here

the sound of the music

it eases a bit of the fear

because of the music

I've gotten through so much

thanks to the music

I can feel God's touch

when reality and fantasy are hard to tell apart

when I feel empitiness take over deep inside my heart

when I think I can't take it anymore I've had enough

when I don't think that I can feel anyone's love

I listen to the music and I think of you

I listen to the music and it gets me through

the hurt I am feeling feels so hard to bear

but when I here the music I know that you are there


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about Michael W. Smith's music because his music has gotten me through so many things.  I don't know where I would be today without his music.  It always reminds me that God is always with me.

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My Black and White Angel


My black and white angel,

you're my source of hope in these hard times.

You're so quiet tonight,

your sound barely reaching my waiting ear,

but my hands don't feel out of place,

even with my knowing the consequence of you being here.

But right now I don't care, I'm happier than I've been in days

just like old times, you're telling me everytihng's going to be OK.

My black and white angel, always there for me

it hurts to have to hide you

not being able to touch you all the time

but holding you now gives me strength

knowing nothing can come between you and me,

no matter what the odds.

My black and white angel,

your soothing voice gives me relief

reminding me that not everything is bad.

My black and white angel, without you I wouldn't be

although you're chipped and scratched, you're still beautiful to me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about a time when I was grounded from playing my guitars... I hid one of them so I could play it. This is about that. 1-16-04

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Thank you for the Music

Thank you for the music

for giving it to me!

Thank for the dreams

for each and every fantasy!

I pray each night before I rest

and to the life,which I contest

I despise these everyday's

it doesn't matter anymore

I accept the power

I accept the glances

I know I have talent

I'll use my voice

sing loud and clear

is it scratchy?

it it too sharp?

no it's perfect

as usual..

the only thing I have

the only thing I wanted


Thank you for the music..for giving it to me.

Lord thank you for the music, as I sing this melody.

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*Catch 22

I can't say I'm surprised,

Cause in the end of it I knew

there always was a chance

that I might not

be right for you;

even so,

I know

by the way

things are going

it'll be sooner than later,

see you later,

with those crocodile tears...

But still those eyes

and salty soaked face

swiftly put me

in my place

and I'm drowning

Right beside you...

So long ago,

once set in stone

so far away

from that place

called home

with the comforts few

and far between,

it's a bitter realm

where dangers lurk unseen,

So steer me clear

once you've moved on

To save the pain

of a world gone wrong

cause though hell may take me,

you'd just break me

so loose your hold,

and I'll let go...

   :   08/25/04

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The Music Man

A young and charismatic man

Who stretches his love across the land

Leaving behind a song in your head

Retracing his steps for the new-wave ahead

Composing with passion, love and remorse

His words leave impact with unexplained force

When he travels and plays for all of the crowds

Only one title has been spoken aloud

"The Music Man"

Grinding the organ and stringing guitars

His sounds carry pitch over the stars

You could recognize his voice ten miles away

He echoes throughout, even to this day

His footsteps have faded through weather and time

But his memory and impression remain sublime

The music man hasn't come around here, not for many years

We awaited his return, and our anticipation turned to tears

We speak of him often and reminisce of the days long ago

We hum his many tunes and recount his rhythm as we go

We do miss the marches, the smiles and the glow

But atleast we have our happy experiences to show

I wonder what's become of him

Our famed "Music Man"

That one special bit of youth

Who used to cleanse this land.

Maybe he's finally found his place.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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