Stupid Kid (Sitting on the Skins)

It's been a few years

I'm still in tune

Behind the skins, on my throne

Bringing the rhythm for all that will have me

She inspired me for a while

To set out and try

And I admit, I've stuck it out

Made a talent out of an inclination

I thought she'd be the one to bring the music

Maybe let me hold the flow

But the keys I gave didn't mean too much

She's moved on

It wasn't the time

The signal of the crash

A glitter of the gold

And I'd be okay

But the idea still stands

To hold the march

For one who cares

For anyone who wants me in their poetry

I do what I can

I improve here and there

My time's a bit off

My ankles are failing

But I try

In a fond dream I see someone sweet

Plucking the strings that lead me to bed

A familiar place and we count out the rhyme

And we do something right for a change

I hear it and feel it

That spark between ties

There's chemistry among us

It keeps my days from fading

We sound like a function that was always meant to be

No efforts or struggles to deny

We just play

Like we were born to play together

Maybe in my life I'll find the right sound

To accompany me

Somewhere beyond the walls

She'll hear me tearing the house apart

She'll come to my rescue

And provide a bit of structure for two

I've got the beat all set right here

I just need my melody.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello out there, wherever you are.

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Melodies for the Sake of Melody

Concrete slabs don't do much for acoustics

Nor do the boxes filled with wire

But we'll try as manage

To pack it all into a thirty dollar mic

And we'll never stop upgrading

To suit our simple needs

It'll be new, fantastic

A little better than last time

This is a stage without elevation

Where we perform only for ourselves

We're getting good, getting lucky

We're the only ones who care

Bells and whistles and strings and picks

Heads wearing thin and falling out of tune

Flat sheets of steel rattle without reason

Feedback that never shuts the hell up

Things fall to pieces

Melodies will not work

Out of key, out of pitch

Just gotta find a rhythm

We have some ideas and we'll bust them out

And we'll create it all through chemistry

The atomic construct will be on the spot

And it will never be replicated

We are the band that will never have an introduction

Because an audience would only shut us down

We save ourselves to smile later on

We don't really care what you have to say.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You are now entering Gettafest.

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I Have Never Felt Like This Before


The first time I saw you,

Your smile drew me near.

And I knew right then,

That I would want you near.

And when I touch you,

I feel my temperature rise.

I never want to hear,

Your sad goodbyes.

I want to hold you,

Until the end of all time.

Would it really be,

Such a crime.


Every time I look at you,

I feel my heart, will explode.

For you send it,

Into overload.

And every time you smile at me,

You leave me, wanting more.

For I have never felt like this before.

I want to feel you,

Lying next to me.

I feel this is what’s,

Really meant to be.

I want to taste you,

Feel your lips upon mine.

To have you this close,

Would really be divine.

I want to touch you,

Like no other will.

For it’s your heart and soul,

I want to fill.

I try so hard to fight it,

But the feelings to strong.

How could this really be,

So wrong.


Every time I look at you,

I feel my heart, will explode.

For you send it,

Into overload.

And every time you smile at me,

You leave me, wanting more.

For I have never felt like this before.

No I have never felt like this before.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for a man who won my thoughts

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A poet, maybe

Words musically flow from his lips

A vagrant to anywhere he may travel

Instrument in hand, this street urchin

Will charm away your change

Only to ramble onward, toward another nowhere

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Deerfields is for Lovers

Day and night, the music blares proud

If you use your voice well, there's no need to shout

Hearing is difficult, the beats are loud

But the rocks by the river spell it out

Self-aware, unwilling to deny

Free, radical self-expression

In our society, how the rules apply

Is left to your discretion

Pairs of bare, toughened feet

Pounding prints into the ground

Following the steady beat

All united by the sound

We leave no physical trace,

These feet who come to dance

A single body, more than one face

United by the power of trance

Sunday morning comes like the end of a dream

I clutch you like a pillow, clinging

The fog is my mind's engine's last bit of steam

But my entire being is singing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Aug. '08)

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United We Dance

Breathing deep the fresh air

Peaceful morning introspection

Feet dangling from the Beldentown bridge

Gazing at the sky's reflection

A group sharing a heartbeat

Entranced by the steady bass

Young and old, side by side

Dancing for love, dancing for faith

Love so strong it leaves you breathless,

Catching in your chest

Faith in yourself and those around you

Allowing love to manifest

All these people, technically strangers

Together in a sacred place

Bringing new life and growth to the forest

Dancing for love, dancing for faith.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(June '08) Gemini. :)

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the music

the music flows through me

It puts me in a mood where i dont wanna hear anything else

than the hardrock and heavy metal that my heart beats as the drummer

so i'll jump and scream till i cant feel my feet or hear my voice any more

the only thing i feel then is the music flowing through me

the music

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love my music

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Paraded streets

Unsteady ground

They rattled down

And made some history

Of the four

There were no equal

Of the many

There was such lust

The spark was life

The strife was common

Their collective soul

Was all they needed

They spoke with their fingers

They met with their hearts

They created through passage

They divided their flaws

The pluck of strings

The slide of bridges

The stomp of skins

The call of mission

They began it all with nothing

They settled into clouds

They rose it ever higher

They continue it with splendor

Swarmed by the masses

Pitied by the tense

Mocked by all from the furthest guard

And envied by the less

They circled round the garden side

And made it known who lay in charge

They found the fortress and tore it down

To have a laugh and prove a point

They controlled, and inspired

Made a joke of all the fuss

They let it flow with no regard

For the comfort or the norm

Music aside they rode the tide

And reached the very top

Years on by they wrote their lies

And retired into obscurity.

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~ô§ô*~ الموسيقى عطر روحي ~*ô§ô ~


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concerto & symphony





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