uhggg I can't today!!!

I walk in and I get sucked in

Your presence

So strong

The pause in the room

Took too long


I take a breath and step right in

Towards ya

I move forward ta

Shake your hand

Wow, your grip

It feels nice

So enticin’

So entranced

It makes me wanna touch more of ya

I try to keep my composure

But I feel like I’m about to get close ta

Making a big fool out of myself

I need to get out of myself

I hope you can’t tell

How nervous I am

I look like crap

Too aware

I can't concentrate

We talk and I feel so not myself

I need to get outta here

I keep tellin myself

Today is not my day

Why of all days?

A guy like you gotta come in the room?

I can’t get enough of you

I wish I could get to know more of you

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Random drabble for women that can relate

Guy that I Like

There's this guy
that I like,
and he
has said
that he
likes me too.

But he's with another girl
and still he
keeps flirting with me.

Now he says
that he is unhappy
in his current relationship.

But I don't
want to be
the kind of girl
who goes with
a guy that
a friend has already been with!

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Fishing season

It's ice fishing season again.

I'm in the mood for sushi.
All the fish are still tasty but I want something different. I can't even remember all the names of them I have in the bucket.

I'm a carnivore. Who the fuck am I kidding. Maybe one day I'll find a great vegan restaurant. Maybe I'll start liking different vegetables.

Maybe I'll still think of Noah with every step.

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The Guy You Like

My thoughts

Have you ever seen,
Ever seen,
The guy you like

The guy you like,
With someone else,
Someone else?

Seeing that creates lots of pain,
Lots of pain,
In your heart.

Why does he like her,
Like her,
Instead of me?

The guy you like,
The guy you like,
Doesn’t like you.

This creates doubt in your mind,
Doubt in your mind,
About yourself.

Whether you’re good enough,
Good enough,
For him.

Or maybe he’s better off,
Better off,
With someone else.

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