in my palm

the moist of

a consumed bread

written 11/13/2002

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2002 Poetry

candies and brownies

are two of my favorites

as a matter of fact

i make sure to put

two or three in my pocket

so they may be handy

wherever and whenever

i feel hungry

written 10-15-2002

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2002 Poetry

listen to my hiss

don’t mind for the mist

i wanna tell you

a story or two

just be patient with me

and  you will see

what you will hear

is not from a seer

but from me

who loves to cheer

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Strange bologna

you are a perfect circle

please become square

so you will be able to fit

nicely into a sandwhich

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My friend told me to write down bologna for when i was writing down my ideans it just came to me during a study hall.

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2002 Poetry

take a bite

this pie

on your sight

tasty and yummy

surely you'll like

my hot apple pie

you can also take it


for a much


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* Hawaii Pineapple Ham Pizza *

             i cant deny my body this

             taste of hawaii pineapple

             pizza it is like a desire one of

             my freinds introduced me the

             taste of this hot wonderful

             pizza. i will never ever forget

             the day my freind and me enjoyed

             it and we had so much fun it was

             so great to have fun with my freinds

             they are such sweet caring people true

             and cool way down to the soul take care

          my freinds you are all truly one in a million

             to me and you always will be to me forever.


            * this piece is all mine written by me *    

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* Creamy Pespi Ice Cream Drink*

                i buy a refreshing drink

               to cool me down a can of pepsi

               it has got a few ice cubes

               into it, to keep the soda to stay

               cool and very chilly even though

               it is a very hot and sunny day

               outside it is 90 degrees with

               the sun beating down on my soft

               sunblocked skin. i take away the

               rays by a colorful shade i made

               but let me get back to my pepsi drink.

               i go inside the pool place cafe ,order

               some vanilla creamy tasty ice cream for

               me and all of my sweet freinds to enjoy

               i call my freinds over i get the ice cream

               i bring it over to the round pool table .

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* Red Apples *

              I shop at the market

              i take my pick at serveral

              red juicy apples. i buy

              10 red juicy apples. i

              put them into a clear

              bag, i pay for my apples,

              i take them home in the

              clear bag. then i take the

              red juicy apples i wash each

              of them off with cool fresh

              clear water. then i peel each

              of the 10 red juicy apples .

              then i cut my apple into little

              pieces then i add a few spoons of

              or regular sugar then i put my

              apple pieces into a blender, and

              blend my apples into apple sauce.

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* Cookies and Cream Treat*

                   A tasty sweet and rich

                   and real to the deal,

                   every bowl is so good

                   to the very last drop

                   add milk and you've got

                   a cookies and cream milk

                   shake with oreo cookies

                   sinking down deep it is

                   a wonderful treat to enjoy

                   on a hot sunny evening .


                *   this piece is all mine  *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Cookies and Cream Treat* this poem is about my favorite ice cream i love to eat it .
it is an ice cream my body cant deny its so true im sure many people
like ice cream. peace :*)

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