How Does Hunger Satisfy?

Going hungry or famine

Had not poked a hole

In a stomach whole!

A fraction, a part,

Bitten or torn apart

From a piece called sin!

On the ground, though,

Where drought is thorough,

There's where flood pours in!

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Bored beyond my wildest fears

lunch will never come for years

with me stuck here leaving earth,

how much could this all be worth?

nearly dead and barely breathing,

does anyone even know im living?

back to this lif e i plumet fast

Was that the lunch bell? did it pass?

but my wildest dreams

were smashed it seems

When i realized right away

that i had second lunch today.

Melting back into my chair

I sit down and fix my hair.

what is there that i dont know

that the teacher preaches so?

living in this lie

has made me cry

but now i wish that i'd just die

of hunger boredom or maybe worse...

i think i need to see the nurse

Oh wait! But no!

This joys me so

the teacher has gladly let us go!

Early to eat, better for learning

Makes me happy smiling and worthy.

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Killer Chef


I want to be a killer chef
with the skill to dispel your insides
lay them on a platter
and serve them chilled to a party of five
they wont believe the taste of the day
i'll say that it's foreign

a dash of spice and your heart is on fire
like a seasoned steak of sorts
everybody loves what i serve up

they beg a heaping helping of more
I smile and nod and it arrives through the door
a beautiful bouquet of human life
being devoured by the living breathing human death
i smile as they call for the bill
and a styrofoam container for the left over liver
a doggy bag for dismembered pieces piled upon the biggest plate
they charge the bill and then they leave
its time to cook again
at my fancy restaurant with body bags in the back

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Appetising Flavour


Asian value

Australian retrieve

European discipline

American spirit



African exquisite;

Preparatory ingredient

For knowledge


Spicy aromatics

Water our taste buds.


Food for thoughts

Whet our appetite.

Enjoying delectable palate

The awesome and fantastic;

Rejecting, intense anxiety

Inferiority complex;

Let us savour the terrific;

Treat, taste, sample.

We will progress, comfortable,

From the petty unruffled!

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The last bite

is always the hardest

Not because your full

it's because

You dont want to say


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What's Life Without Cheese?


I like cheese because it's yummy,

and it sits very nicely in my tummy.

Once I ate so much of it, I felt like a sow.

It's hard to believe that it comes from a cow.

I guess you might say that I am addicted..

Once I ate so much of it, that I was evicted.

"why?" you ask, was I kicked out, for what I had been eatin'?

Well, you see, it was because my landlord was a vegan.

I went to the doctor just the other day,

and I couldn't believe what I heard him say..

He said to me; "you know, you should really cut down on the cheese."

I said "why? it is my favorite food, and I can digest it with ease.."

"Plus," I said; "A friend of mine, told me it makes one stronger.. And besides, Doc.. what's life without cheese?"

He laughed, and responded, "LONGER!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another assignment for 11th grade english.. I was supposed to write a humorous poem about food.. WELL.. Since I was already *obsessed* with cheese, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to write about it!

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* Ice Cream Sudae *

              choclate and vanilla ice

              cream all mixed together

              it is a sweet little treat

              add the fudge syrup and

              crushed peanuts and the

              whipped topping for the

              the top of my desert .

            * this poem is all mine *

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2003 Poetry

delectable white

tempting my appetite

crispy and juicy

you can make

my stomach happy

so whenever i’m hungry

and there’s no cuisine ready

i just turn to our backyard

and pick one, two or three

written 1/16/2003

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Pizza Poem

"Pizza whole,

into the stomach goes.

Fizzy Pepsi,

stomach turns nasty.

Nature calls,

waste falls."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It was 7th Jan '03(Tue), my colleagues and I went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Thus came the inspiration for my poem...

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