Five Stars

Five Stars

fine wine

full and fragrant

cleanses the palate -

sheds our skin

as we

untangle our skein

with shrimp

dispensed of shell

plunged in currents

of cocktail sauce

and yet

sorbet serves only

to tantalize as

rich gumbo flows

crimson in fine china

quiet falls

silver lifts


a perfect pound of flesh

peeled and presented

those lying grill marks

hiding raw reality


we dine

sated   full   content

reflection supported by

espresso   cheesecake  cognac

the memories of our burnt offering

and sigh

oblivious to Shylock’s sacrifice

and the coming day of our own

© 2000 Bart Breen

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Intended to give a somber twist at the end, it may be a triffle overdone.

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Well I hate to go shopping in the first place,

live in an area where there are way too many people,

too many cars, buses, bikes (both kind),

just too much to stress me out before I even get there.

Finally after being in traffic for hours to just go 10 miles,

I make it to the worst place on earth for me.

The prices of the Kiwi this week..... what are they kidding me?

Oh look hon, I like those fresh peaches, wonderful if they taste sweet?

The melons are only 89 cents a pound today, oh and look, fresh garlic bread warm and tasty.....

Cinnamon rolls, pop tarts, chicken breasts,onions, potatoes not bagged.

Cold drinks, Popsicles don't forget, oh and bade.... what about my French Market coffee.... such a treat.

Then off to the paper isle... my partner loves that isle.... oh baaaaaby look, Kleenex for just a dime....

the toliet paper is cheaper if we buy the 24 rolls.... where will we put all this.

Don't forget the Red Bull, I have to have one a day for some reason.

Vitamins A,B,C,and E.... then the Feverfew for the headaches that make me blind.

Allergy meds for those bad nasty air days, toothpaste, deodorant and I think that is about it.

Quick grab that place, there behind that man/woman, with the hair from hell.

Phew what a day, and then we still have go to the electronics store.......

shit... thats another poem..... LOL...

Thank you Tim..... loved it...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

contest of Grocery shopping.... what a hoot Tim....

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Life and Candy


May not be so colorful,

The blandness often difficult.

Life looks like such a wreck,

Each time I stop to check.

But when I take it as it comes,

Don't stop to look at all the crumbs,

Just taste this life of mine,

The flavor's what I find,

Aside from things that get me down,

An awesome life is what I've found.

                 -Lo Ruhamah

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Beer, Beer!!"
- Pirates  Final Fantasy 5

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Mr. waiter, please oblige my request,

Serve to me your finest as I dine with you tonight.

I want green beans, and turnip greens,

I even want peas and carrots.

An ear of corn with butter and a baked potato piping hot.

You might also add some chives and cheese,

Just to hit the spot.

If it's on your menu,

I would also like some grilled zuchini.

Oh yes, I almost forgot!  

For my drink, I would like carrot juice on the rocks.

These foods I am deprived of, for I always eat at McDonalds.

For breakfast an "Egg McMuffin," for lunch, a "Quarter Pounder,"

And every night for dinner, I have good ole "Chicken McNuggets."

Mr. waiter, can't you see, my body is screaming out for veggies!

If it's not too much trouble, to end my evening meal,

I would surely love a large slice of sweet potato pie!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ever get so tired of eating "fast foods,"
you feel like becoming
a complete health nut?

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Flying Butter

Dancing through the thickets,

Its slender and slim body shimmered in the sun.

Flutter flutter,

Its golden sweat drips

One by one onto the flowers

Making every petal  more delicious than the other.

Nothing else in this world could

Make everything taste so good,

Other than the lovely,


Flying butter.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to all the butter loving folks out there.

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Sorry kitty


No cheese for you kitty

Because it's not nice

Although it taste good

It's healthier for mice

See you would get sick

Coz cats have this problem

They're lactose intolerant

And cheese would hurt them

So I'm sorry sweetie

But the cheese is for me

But you have cat food

Which is lactose free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this coz i couldn't sleep so i went on the computer (to write poetry) and i am eating cheese, my cats sleep in the offic at night and well they want some of my cheese so since i didn't know what to write about why not write them a poem for once so i hope u injoy.

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