* Cookies and Cream Treat*

                   A tasty sweet and rich

                   and real to the deal,

                   every bowl is so good

                   to the very last drop

                   add milk and you've got

                   a cookies and cream milk

                   shake with oreo cookies

                   sinking down deep it is

                   a wonderful treat to enjoy

                   on a hot sunny evening .


                *   this piece is all mine  *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Cookies and Cream Treat* this poem is about my favorite ice cream i love to eat it .
it is an ice cream my body cant deny its so true im sure many people
like ice cream. peace :*)

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Patricia Jones's picture

Heck, I think I gained weight just reading this! Delightful work! Patricia

Melvin Lee II's picture

i love cookies and cream ice-cream too...great little ditty here.
Much enjoyed.
And btw, welcome to postpoems.

I am off to read more from u, Gail.