Newton's Third Law

Shout And Shrill

This exaggeration is rotting the brain

blocking ears clogging the mind

Injecting virus.

Hold! Your tongue

Before the crowd bursts


Free brainwash do not last

nor make heads, peppermint fresh.

Please do

Pull up your socks

here is voice against yours--

Stop! At once

Manipulating tricks

It exacerbates.

Open your eyes and your mind—

Do not force, pretend to be blind.

Deaf in ears to hear acrid notes oozing throats, folks.

Brush your expatiated views with exactitude.

Comments walk, talk interviews. Do you understand?

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Third Law Newton's! Boomerang!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Media has gone berserk, wild and frenzied.

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Her Pain


All this mess I'm depressed

Heart's full of emptiness.

Just years nineteen

Jessica has seen

And she's in pain


God forgive our sins.

We insane wish to change.

No more, sorrow no more sufferings.

Guide us in our hard times, O Lord!

Let teenagers pain me mine.

Her innocence shines --

through our remorse.

The brave child dared

the enemy on their grounds.

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2003 Poetry

Have you heard of that thing?

That one evading to be seen?

That teeny furry evil thing

Roaming at night dubiously

Looking for a living?

If target is seized there would

Appear tiny cuts on the skin

And cherry fluids will ooze from within

Lapping the prey up till it stops from breathing

So whether you are plump or lean

Raising a livestock or just meandering

The heat sensor is always working

Leading the teeth to the vein closest to the skin

written 2/10/2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem recital of   Margarita L Pangan

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2003 Poetry

sip upon my vein

i’m your type of veal

ruddy fluid spilling

irrigating the gullet

of the most seductive one

written 2/10/2003

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I am entranced by the flames,

Watching them dance.

To and fro,

They sway.

Enticing me,

Yelling at me,

Asking me to join in.

I jump in,

The flames swallow me.

I am now,

Part of the beautiful dance,

I so full heartedly watched,

I so full heartedly loved.

I am entranced by the flames.

I dance in the flames,

Swaying back and forth.

The devil joins in,

And asks me to dance.

He takes me by the hand,

And we dance.

We sway back and forth,

We sway to and fro.

We dance in the flames,

The flames,

That I full heartedly watched,

That I full heartedly loved.


The devil.

And the flames.





I am entranced by the flames…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dont know what i was thinking when i was writting this... the part that really erks me is that i was on the phone with the person i loved the most!!! so... yea... hmmm...

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I Saw

Multitudes of people


going on about their business

Not seeing me,

not, seeing.

A familiar foreign land.

I looked up

giant elongated honeycombs dripping with honey

hung inches apart

No one noticed

No one knew

They were pacified with life.

Thousands upon thousands of wicked giant wasps emerged.

Crawling among the combs, gathering, waiting.

As the honey dripped into the lives below

the people gathered it in blinded praise.

They knew not it's source.

Didn't care.

Honey in life was taken for granted.

The wasps smiled as their stingers grew



There was a strange man walking into the city.

I called to him with silent word.

He looked up at the wasp infested buildings

He saw the people, not seeing.

The winged alliance was in formation.

The man rose to the heights of the buildings

gathering the wasp covered combs.

Placing them in my arms,

I began walking them out of the city.

The combs stuck to my arms and hands,

I tried to shake them lose.

Disturbing the wasps.

Their anger grew and they called out for help.

I turned to look back at the city

there I saw the wasp forces attacking the people of the city.

The people could not protect themselves because

their stomachs were full of honey.

I saw the strange man.

On a ladder,

out of harms reach.

He just watched.

He was smiling.

The peoples were screaming.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a dream I had two night ago.  It is haunting me today.

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You’re dangerously perceptive.

You see straight through my soul.

With crystalline green eyes,

you release my heart from hold.

You’re dangerously beautiful.

You capture far from light.

With graceful intentions spoken,

you show more through sight.

You’re dangerously addictive.

You poison my state for need.

With no antidote for cure,

you whisper words I heed.

You’re dangerously alluring.

You make my pale skin burn.

With every touch bestowed,

you react, your body I learn.

You’re dangerously wronging.

You make this feel so right.

With this skin to skin contact,

you are the danger in the night.

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Bare naked scheme

Bearing a sweltering wish

From an arid fang

written 11/13/2002

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blood tainted smirk

flashing across the earth

odious eyes glint to blindfold

written 10/22/2002

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