Dawn of the Dead(My Soundtrack)

*from the top quarters of Microsoft Mall*

this letter goes to any survivor who reads this

Holy Jesus! These diseases of the undead increases

it's a mess to see these caniballistic beings and

large amounts of crimson

as the Earth crumbles rapidly during missions of viral fissions

the Coast Guard calls for immediate state of emergency

inadvertedly this cuts deeper than surgery, yo it worries me

I sit amongst a circle of strangers with a passion of distrust

my only trust is the Desert Eag to feel the need to squeeze and bust

dust to dust, ashes to ashes, please watch over me my Savior

for I'm in the ass of Armageddon, hard labor, ill behavior

I'm just a carpenter, a husband, and a father of two

I own a home on the east end side of Harbor View

got a shitload of testimonies, don't know where to begin

killed the mother of my kids from the bitemarks on her skin

she suffered the loss of bodily functions as her conditions persisted

but when she came at me with dead issues, I put one in her bisquit

the clock ticks, the plot thicks, no problems solved

new history evolved, as mankind quickly dissolves

It will be a matter of time before my ass is next

now here's Joe flashin a tec, with a gash in his neck

his blood burns and his heart rate drops at a quick pace

the body count continues as he joins the sick race

My wife's gone....not really sure if I want to survive

besides.....85,000 plus are stalking the deprived

and by nightfall the population should drop by the minutes

it's a front row seat to damnation....no limits

with no food, no hope, no help, no bullshit

one clip left in the burner, why should I pull it?

with no more room in hell and the dead walking the earth

I hope someone can rescue us from this living curse

If my kids are breathing, daddy loves you very much

take good care of each other and watch who you trust

Author's Notes/Comments: 

something I wrote about after watching Dawn of the Dead. Damn, I need to stop watchin too many horror flicks. lol

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What is that?

Tis a word but a name?

I feel so far away,

So lost in this game.

Losing and missing,

It makes my light dark.

Burning and hurting,

Embedded in my heart.

Not fixable,

Too much pain.

Feeling so mad,

Am I going insane?

Deaf to the cries,

The tears pouring down.

Mute to the world,

Face in the ground.

Don't tempt me to fight,

Thoughts that have no purpose,

Smiling happily,

At least on the surface.

Don't think I'm that dumb,

The way you decieve me,

You think you are funny,

The things that you see.

Go play in traffic,

Or dive off a bridge.

Your life means nothing,

Not even a smidge.

A pain that is hurtful,

A love that does sting,

Marriage of hearts,

Spades that won't sing.

Death that is welcoming,

And easy way out.

Can't begin to explain it,

Just so much fucking doubt!

I guess no words to describe it,

Nothing to speak its strife.

Broken is forever,

Broken is life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Broken Inside, with all your lifes. Killing my heart, you are the one who made me dark!

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Her close call

mom's poems

Her close call

Her close call

Last Saturday

Was nearly

Her call for

Her death or

At least that’s

What I thought.

I was thinking

Okay lory this is it.

You’re about to be

Responsible for

Everything because

Everything’s in your name.

She knows you’ll make the best

Choices you can on everything!

As I watched my mom gasp for breath

And hold her chest. I was praying to god

Please don’t take my mom from me!

She the most precious thing in the world to


let her live to see my

Wedding day! And by

The grace of god

She’s still alive


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this about my mom when she almost had a heart attack last saurday.

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Feel This

There's never a full proof way

Since an adolescence

With "The Lost" I stay

Unconcerned and numb I took it

Only way to stay free while being crooked

I look at past portraits

I agree I was the weakest

Found my way to long for Jesus

You couldn't see this coming either

I've grown

Strong all day I stay fixed in this motion

Found a way to get fear leaving

Repitious heaving

Highly likely to stop one's breathing

Stack on mass

Kicking ass

Never fleeing

Life, conscious, and hair are for you receeding

Impaired and unaware to busy in excessive breeding

"Fuck it"

That's what you always cliche`

Your the street and the world is the parade

But typical is the hand shake followed by being betrayed

Never me

I got the back of your kind of seed

Liberate you to a prolific tree

It's nothing to me what you lack

Just don't fold on me when egaging an attack

Win or lose

This isn't done until we fucking choose

Potiential is meet when a rookie pays his dues

If I die I hope my heart is tasting this kind of mood

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for those who have heart.

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These Feelings

poetry of 2005

These Feelings.

These feelings

I don’t like

These feelings I have

in my head. These

feeling are

starting to

scares me so

bad! I’m afraid

if I could walk

I’d hurt somebody,

Somehow, some

Way. My mind is so

Crazed it’s like

It doesn’t know which

Way to go anymore.

Sometimes I truly

Think I’m going insane.

I feel like sometimes

When I get this stressed

Out about my life. I can see

Myself float above watching

Me shoot myself. And tell myself


I Must pray and ask god to grant

Me the strength to keep pressing on in my life!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is how I feel inside when my nerves can't take no more And I get around too many people or too people come to my house acting crazy!!

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Shadow In The Fog

London Towne

Big Ben strikes midnight

The fog is like suspense

You can cut it with a knife

So cold.....

In the dark it's like the grave

Kerosine lamp posts, the only light

Hear hoofbeats of horses

On cobblestone ground

Out of night carriages emerge

Something evil this way comes.........

Footsteps behind you

Mimicking your walk

Your heart beats fast within your chest

Looking back, your blood runs cold

Your eyes behold the horror

The demon of fleet street

Top hat---black cloak---silver-tipped cane

You'll see him once, but never again

Red eyes through the misty air

Craving their next victim

Shining steel by the moonlight

Go blind in mortal terror


Betockens certain doom

Doctor Death has come for you!


Grim Reaper's bloody blade

There is nothing you can do.....


Start to run, you run out of breath

Yet he only walks

Creeping closer for the kill

Sadistic smile as you suffer

Suddenly, he's not there anymore!

Where has he gone?

You're so confused

Paranoia sets in

Figure appears 'round the corner

Could it be him?

No it's not, you sigh in relief

Lean against a wall to catch your breath

And wipe the sweat from your brow.........


Stalking you

The predator needs a prey


There is nothing you can do.....

Against THE SHADOW IN THE FOG.........

Must see the blood run!

Crimson death flow

Lascerated flesh

Oh, the lifeless bodies

The countless victims

He shall be born again

Phantom of the alley ways

Shadow on the wall

Growing taller, diabolic horror

He'll get his homicidal fix

Only murder can bestow

The undescribable rush of power

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A stranger in the shadows invokes fear in your mind, causing your heart to pound, and fills your brain with peril. The infamy of Jack The Ripper appears here, a bloody mystery still haunting the annals of history...

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A speeding Train

Speeding Train

Flash floods, mud slides, quakes, and fierce brush fires flare

Levvies brake and filfthy is in the air,

Helicopters downed and burnt humvees,

Terrorists and their atrocities.

Teachers in the universities

Teaching treason or perversities,

Using free speech boldly to uproot

What the honest man considers good.

Making fools of hero patriot,

Who clings  fast to values and to God,

Politicians selfish or inane

Cannot see the speeding rushing train.

Monsters get a slap upon the wrist,

Thugs and criminal are quick dismissed,

Without much ado they are released,

To commit more crime and have a feast.

Before court they haul the brave marine,

Jurists teach the hero discipline,

Jurists do decide on peace and war,-

Hail to those that wear the Robe Noire!.

Children raped and beaten weep and groan,

Locust swarms ignore the border zone,

Fools are made of those that patiently

Wait their turn to enter legally.

On the campus students haze and swill,

And the hapless parents pay the bill,

Common sense good judgment went astray,

Media the warrior betray.

Politicians play the lute and lyre,

While the citadel is burned in fire,

As was done in Rome some time ago,

But these days some finger the oboe.

'mongst the winds the best is the oboe,

With its plaintive piping of great woe,

And its unsurpassed intriguig tone,

Trumping windbags, bugles and trombone.

Faster comes the train - out of control,

Whistling, siffling, hooting  like an owl,

Be there some that fear an accident

If it speeds too fast around the bend?.

Faster comes this train - out of control,

The locomotive is out of coal,

Toward the abyss with all abord

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Hungry He

With lights turned out,

my sheets insulating,

I stare with my eyes closed

at windowpaned visions.

He looks in, shift-shaped,

eyes wide and hungry;

he turns the sky red

and the moon as he comes.

What waits?  What hungers?

Perhaps nothing.  How am I

to know?  He comes

in my darkness and closing eyes.

The darkness blazes.

He watches, silent and huge.

In my eyelids I see him,

uncertain, wondering.

With lights turned out,

my sheets insulating,

I stare with my eyes closed

at windowpaned visions.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An attempt to bring to some light what I imagine is a common feeling at times; the feeling that something is coming for you when you close your eyes, but you don't really know what it is or why it's coming.

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Hop skip run

They have guns.

Fair games

Impossible win.

Their portray

Images ruin.

Resort to ignore

Attention draws.

They sweet sing.


Murderous tunes.

Play with lives.

Dangerous fools.

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