Poachers Lend Money




Insurance offers --

Just wait round the corners

Health wealth, house hold,

body parts, organs, ornaments and tools.

Legal advice

at a throwaway price, all to entice,

with an all inclusive device, an instrument.

To lay, lie, flay, fly, dye die.

How? To choose from between

The fake and real --


Cool --



Hiding on level ground are

Waiting for targets.

Armoured, pounce on victims

grabbing at them unawares-

powerful wielders of bows and arrows

Offer highly insured loans

That trap into the infinite debt zones.

Eighteen you need to be start with money

for further studies --

By twenty-one showered with genial

Hypothecated and multicoloured plastic

Cards, to carry. Great credits --

Incredible commercial altruism, banks

need no returns, just the interest, suffice.

However a simple clause;

Failing instalments

Charge a fine, nominal

Very affordable?

After all





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Gothic Nightmares


Just now, I have discovered a truth,

A fact I want to share

But I’m choked with the thoughts that


And run, in an uncanny haste to stare;

This makes me feel like a total waste. Helpless;


I am unable to rest; race across the end to send

Correct message. Get pessimistic

About a case;

The gigantic, gloomy horrifying architecture

That lies, hide behind --

In glamour, star, everyday life,

Declare two in one --

“Global economy, all around the world

Business sure to nose dive with

An exception to alcohol, arms tobacco and drugs.”

Primitive Instincts

“Murder and crime” find shelter even in soft and tender hearts.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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World Wealth In Smoking Guns

Games We Play

When power and money manipulate many --

Can queer myopic vision secure the future of progeny?

What be done to achieve, peace and harmony?

Who has the power and who has the money?

However, it may cling funny, money

not be found in

Pockets of any

Political leader

Popular entertainers.

Corporate investors

Lucky lottery winners

No one is strong no one capable

not even the drug dealer selling legal.

Peddlers, of hashish, marijuana cannabis

have not much left, paying their accomplice.

Money wielding power neither to be found in labels

be it food and flower, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.

Nor traders of hard narcotics may gloss lucky, able,

Happily name them well-to-do real. Primarily

possessing brain, size shapes, square, round, various

Colours; Qualities are no proofs of moneyed privileges.

Cash guarantees from the high rankings! Big shot guns

highest cash wins. Lie, in manufacture, and sales of

Weapons! Money: in tanks, battens, belligerence --

Be seeing, African Mammal with very large eyes?

Has anyone seen magnate, handful in mask.

Gigantic cash flow in clash and dash!

Businesslike bushel: 35.2 litres.

Cause disturbance; Mafiosi incognito adrenal neurone strings;

Node; Hold ransom; bold leaders in rings. The world is unsuspecting.

Amidst chaos, unscrupulous force, compel kill, buy, sell. Weapons,

Defence Thesis? Through or beyond defines. Death mechanism pays!

Silhouette signet slay; Earn in death; Staggering wealth; Scrooge in mirth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Behind world unrest the threads belong to the weapon and arms dealers. They make man puppet. Tanks, heavy artilleries, bombs, submarine, marine, fighter jets to destroy Body beautiful so soft to touch. Imagine. To crush his liver, kidneys, heart, brain, bones and bone marrow to turn him into a soul invisible. Thanks a lot murderers with heavy arms and ammunitions in the name of defence, creating killing fields and earning over dead bodies. So once said the stupid mad man.      

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Games We Play


And moneyed mentors

Godfather's pride, the predators hide,

Walk free, terribly hungry through rooted

Mahogany trunks and shimmering green branch brown

Emeralds jade crown. Can this dense cover shelter the wild?


Illegal pipsqueak never hesitate to fill their pouch

Imagining themselves kangaroos, carry weapons as babies.

Make a kill, devilish will, satanic evil strike; Powerful wish fulfil.

The incognito kingpins inveigle. Shoot and fire loot the invaluable

Monkey business intractable

Tiger skins rhinoceros horns, smuggle.

Sell paltry but get nabbed trying a double cross diabolical --


Ring the bell network alert. Bail

Him out, free him SoftArt. The danger stays

We’ll be exposed. After all duty comes first

Do not underestimate; we have our good excuse --

To catch or free the hunter we need proofs.

Forensic tests clever device, sure the shark's days

Are numbered; wait a minute; the man a poacher, a killer?

He is innocent, how does he wear his guilt? The skin found

in his custody is but that of donkey's.

Tiger stripes painted on hide, bamboo shoots powdered

To fool the school of medical experts who need

These imports and cannot make out the differences?


Extra large irksome

Conniving racketeers;

Easily free the imprisoned

Expensive fees to the lawyers;

Mawkish Moral Science; No; Please --

Hand in gloves, tongue in cheek, simply dextrous,

"Sheriff we're helpless and must let the lasso loose --

Legally they deal in donkey skin and that's not a sin" in muse.


The public a good feed on grass, smoky eyed search for pH balance.

Swift exchange forensic farce? Brutal return back high class.

Good looks and lots of cash, wine, women corruption. See men.

Speak, buy, algebra quite easily done, released from lock ups!

Punishment, escaped?

Prison Terms

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poachers are caught to be set free, to get back to buisness in a spree, killings. Dust our eyes the conniving counterparts highly connected with the high ups. Shame shame ..

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Die Terroristen Schlafen Nicht

Das Volk ist intakt

Gott sei dank.


Erkennen sie, den Feind

Der sitz nicht allein.


Planen, wie sie das Schone

Kaputt machen;

bِse Vorwürfe

gegen alles Gutes getan;

und immer noch getan


Die stoppen nicht.

Ohne hinein

machen weiter -- Manipulation.

Viel mehr brutaler

wie vorher.

Grausamkeit kennt Keiner Grenzen

gescheit von dieser

Menschen; Hinter den Masken

Macht es

Sehr Schwer, zu erkennen.

Mit intellektueller Zufluß


Unsichtbar, durchsichtig

Leise und laut, die schlagen

Echt Rechtfertigt, aus.


Süchtig zuflüstern zueile

Oder wie die Luftwaffe


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Terrorism is invisible in stage and time plan.

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Invisible Killer

Attack, fight, mangle, destroy
always able to hurt something.
Seeming to be a gentle caring one
but instead a rabid wolverine.
Destroying lives and people's hearts
mocking them and crushing their spirit
attack them quickly and leave them there
mangled, broken, and crushed.
Move on your way and never look back
never seeing what's coming to you
someone who will one day avenge those hurt
and someone who will someday destroy you.
Never ending peaceable attacks
never thought to have been
what seems to good to be true
is someone who is as good as you.
Destroy me now and lay me to rest
cross my arms across my chest.
Leave a message for all to see
just how much your hate has destroyed me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was done after being betrayed by everyone I thought was my friend.  It came when one of my friends spread around a rumor about me that wasn't true and then all the others, believing them, refused to treat me as someone that was at one time their friend.  So much for loyalty I guess..

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My feelings


Why does my life have to suck,

I wish I could just say that I dont have this luck.

But it'd be too good to be true,

And I can't say that cuz I care,I really do.

But everything is startin to drive me crazy,

I guess that's why I just lie around bein lazy.

People act as if I'm not there,

Like I'm nothin but this air and they don't even care.

I just dont see why I just dont die,

All I really wanna do is cry.

This all builds up inside,

Makes me think about suicide.

This is too much for me to bare,

People act as if they dont even care.

This always brings me to tears,

So this is why I try to hide all my fears.

I think why was I born to this place,

I feel as if I'm just a disgrace.

I wish my life would get over and be done,

Then people would continue with all their fun.

This is how I feel,

As I eat my LAST meal.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How I felt

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Social Interaction

Toss in bed rub forehead

Lay on stomach, does not help.

Wipe off scenes, seen on screen

Woman curator's

demolished dreams

Profuse tears


Yokels ransacks.

Memories rush; heart miss beat

Tibet mayhem, heritage defeat.

Sandalwood burn strewn all around  

despairs, desolate

Mother alone


Child separation.



Cure emphysema

From the lungs

Of Our Civilisation. Void.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Loss due to ignorant vandalism. Cause hopeless gaps, void to knowledge of the past. Hinder future developement. Knowing that this could have been easily avoided a stabbing pain, emptiness pierce through the heart.

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Beware the whisper the dolphins cry

Beware the sparkle in your true love's eye

Beware the character who wears the mask

Beware the hero who completes the task

Beware the messages you find in the past

Beware the faces that hide in the glass

Beware the one who can break your heart

Beware the idle spirit who has no part

Beware the words of impending doom

Beware all numbers that start with two

Beware the dreams of prophetic meanings

Beware the leaders who sound misleading

Above all else, if you do none of this

Beware the bearer of true love's first kiss

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