faith "how i met angel"


caution! caution!

foul language


it was a bet

it was a bet with two friends

yo bro she's taken

her fiery is not to be taken lightly

sly i was, slicker than oil

i didn't know i wanted her so bad

all bets are off i need her like nicotine

yo man she's taken,she's already got one

he doesn't appreciate her

nor does he spend quality time with her

he hits her

ignorant son of a bitch

girlfriend beater

future wife beater

sucking cock mother fucker

yea well,she chose to be with him

not like this,she didn't see this coming

bullying her like she deserves it

bruising her like a punching bag

lucky mother fucker

when i'm done with him he'll be lucky if he's a tree hugger

leave him black n blue for months





yea,well if you do,ya know she's gunna be pissed

yea she will be

but i'm her man to be

i wanted her pie

now i just want her

i want her love

i want her eyes looking at mine


i'm going to get it one day

oh yea how

oh i got faith

Author's Notes/Comments: 

lol! wrote it 8 years ago

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The World Outside

Wishing the sun would shine again

The clouds have all moved in again

It’s the ending of an age

A new story, a new page

The book of light and dark

A child lost inside the park

Someone lost, someone found

A poor stray dog locked in the pound

A patient’s heart upon the table

A doctor’s hope, but still unable

One true love walks out the door

The woman crying on the floor

Someone hungry, stealing food

What their diet doesn’t include

People lying in the streets

Men with guns those people meet

Selling, buying, need for drugs

Whatever they need they aren’t hugs

The bloods, the Cripps the gangs all here

The sorrow they cause, a mother’s tears

The cheating husband, the druggie mom

The patient’s blood, the streets are calm

The gangs, the strays, the child lost

Takes rest inside the winter’s frost

As the sun grows light, and clouds float by

The problems rage, are never gone

I find solace in daddy’s arms

Protect me from the dangers near

“Its ok your home now dear”

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Obscure to where I am going

Blind to where I have been

Darkness over-rides my psyche

Leaving vision somewhat dim

I feel a surge of panic

Understanding the need to go

An unseen eerie presence

Impales a sense of woe

What lurks within these shadows

Causing such dismay

Forcing myself to move along

Wanting to survive another day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about things that go "bump" in the night.

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Almost Home

Armored beasts continue to trample the earth's surface

giants standing dominant above all,

their eyes aglow with a ghastly white haze beneath the shifting,

never constant, luminescence of a moonlit sky

imposing the certainty of death and suffocation onto those who would cautiously trespass

only a chilled disregard towards those of a more diminutive class, vermin found well below an impossible height

yet within the line of sight lies home,

this safe haven with all of its blessings and securities

fulfills a sprint without yield

forward with every sense of panic

legs and arms stretched far and wide toward a path chaotic

places mind and reason before the slightest chance of ease and safety

despite the quake of their stomp, regardless of risk,

across this terrain, hope can be found and within thine grasp

though your body found mangled under weight and volume

a chilled disregard from the armored beast before mine

toward the stained carcass layed down without motion


unfortunate soul,

a frantic pace, a noble effort

so close my good friend, you were almost home...

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Dead In The Water

Saturday night, too much to drink, no Taxis in sight

The weekly nightmare runs its course

I weave my way along the empty high street

With a vague concept of home

My bed calls too me

Two youths, laughing, in Burberry

Shadow me


Always ready for an easy mark

I’ve already made them

Outside the club

Adrenaline now washes the weariness

And the alcohol from my blood

They make no move in the well lit town centre

But as my route takes me past an empty car park

And the old canal

They move in

Sharks circling an injured whale

Dead in the water

Mouthpiece and Chummy

Leader and fool

Mouthpiece, cool, confident of his mark

Not as confident as I am

Chummy nervous, swimming in his wake

But the water is deep in the open ocean

And there are many predators

“Give us yer phone an yer wallet”

It is the last thing he will say clearly, for a while

Surprise is a good ally

But training is better

And I have both

The tiny steel baton, only three inches long, my key ring

A momento of Ireland

Not swung, driven

Breaks his jaw

Chummy is long gone, his instincts haven’t let him down

While mouthpiece fumbles with his face and coughs blood

I use the baton as a lever on his wrist

Crying like a baby, pinned to the ground

I take his wallet and keys and throw them into the canal

“If I see you again I’ll feed you to the fish!”

Then home, refreshed, vibrant alive

I’ll swim another day

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her name is Twilight and she's a faerie with broken wings.

she's a magickal person but her magick is dying.

she is hidden beneath my smiles,but you can see her in my eys.

she is the pain,sorrow,hurt,and hate lurking inside of me.

she takes over sometimes and i cant control it.she is stronger than me.

Twilight is the sadness in me and she comes alive and speaks my feelings;she is the spirit in my songs.

Twiligth is hurting,she has so many insecurties that are eating her away inside.

but i hav to hid eher,i have to plaster a smile on my face so that no one knows of my pain.

so that no one knows of her.

but Twilight is pushing to the surface and soon she may break me.she may break otu of em.

she may break someone else.

Twilight has something to say and something to do.she wants to end.

she is tired of hurting and she's tired of being scared.

she wants it all to


Twilight will be the death of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Torn asunder

with senses heightening,

this delicate thunder

and fearless lightening

will strike a chord

in the despairing slums,

as the horror’s restored

with the march of the drums.

Towers will fall

with the smell of defeat

and the giants stand small

when ghosts walk the street.

Ravaged with grief

and whispering through doors,

the stealth of a thief

and the evil of wars.

Raining down glass

through the shadows on walls,

with the shards of the past

The apocalypse calls.

Armies unite

for the glittering prize,

as the phoenix takes flight

Futurity sighs.

Oceans divide

and infernos will rage

as the planets collide

in this, a new age.

No man is free

from the sinner’s old hand,

and the devil’s decree

is death roams the land.

Black widow’s weeds

under whitewash of ashes,

fragile loneliness breeds

when all pretence crashes.

Masses retreat

to the holes underground

and when hope’s obsolete

who will be crowned

prince amongst lion

from heads hanging in shame.

Silent prayers of a zion

fall down in vain.

Through tears that burn,

people look to the sun,

and to whom do they turn

when God’s work is done.

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I'm Spider-man

I soar through the air as I shoot webs from my hands.

When people see me, they say there goes Spider-man.

A few years ago I was bitten by a radioactive spider.

After my uncle was murdered, I became a crimefighter.

My spider sense tingles and I can sense danger.

When I brought in my uncle's killer, I was full of anger.

I have spider strength and I can climb walls.

When I battle villains, I defeat them all.

I fight the Green Goblin, Doc Ock and other villains too.

It's what we superheroes have sworn to do.

Because of my contribution, the police just arrested the Kingpin.

Villains constantly try to defeat me but they never win.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem

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night has fallen

the fire burns

you follow the beat to the rhythem

watch as you learn

alone in the center

motionless and still

a creature of mystery

none seemed so real

the drum begins to beat

her body begins to move

motion mingles with color

your soul your about to lose

movements, turns and twists

meanings without words

passion silhouetting fire

desire you begin to yearn

your blood begins to flow

your body starts to heat

her body is what your needing

but you sit there from defeat

beauty of the darkness

she dances threw your mind

hypnotizing your eyes

mellowing you like the wine

the rhythem beats faster

her dancing becomes intense

constant moveing power

all about to emense

an explosion of energy

then silence to the drums

you close your eyes from the dream

afraid to see what becomes

you open your eyes

and she is what you find

standing before you and whispering

"now you are mine..."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this because nobody can ever guess the mysteries of a gypsy..idk..anyways i like it..

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