The Gates Of Hell

You wan't see it comming it will come to you at the darkest hour's and sneak up on you like an rat in the sewer just waiting for the perfect moment, to sneak up behind you and take it's core you wan't feel it's veins sinking into you'r skin because it be to late for you to realize what has happend.

You think it will never happend to you but you'r wrong because once you let you'r guard down it will be right there waiting and there's no way to fight, it  or escape it you'r just have to deal with the results that it causes.

You think you have a while before it catches up to you and that it will never hit you but it will sooner than you expecting it to you always said that it couldn't happend to you, and that you was one of the lucky one's but you don't know how  hard it's going to hit you and when it finnaly does you'r wish you would never have spoken those word's.

You'r lying there in the tub and you dose off and not knowing what could happend you still sound asleep and you wake up with the tub filled with blood and you start to panic and scream but no one can you hear you'r screams or you'r cry's you start to yell out and fight for you'r, dear life but no matter how loud you scream and how hard you fight you can't stop it from taking you and making you'r life after death a living hell.

You start to ask why did this have to happend to you and how come you never got the chance to say goodbye to the one's you loved and then it hit's you and you start to cry and someone tell's you because, those time's you preyd that god above would just take you already and get you away from this hell and pain well he finnaly listened to you and that's why you'r here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Gates Of Hell"
By:Heather Feazel

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Clandestine Thoughts

Obscured in the depths of the soul

Ensnared for the time-span of an eternity

Incapable of escaping to reality

For they would not attract minions.

Way too perilous to reveal even on paper

Censored in a pad-locked journal

Frantically pining to be exposed

But most certainly to no prevail.

They overly reveal intentions

That could bring the obliteration of another

In an instantaneous moment

If ever they were completed

So forever they shall linger

In the realm of oblivion, the soul

For all time eager to be set free

To perform the evil duties never done before.

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i smell the fire

burning from hell

i feel the heat

it lets off at me

my feet get hot

im starting to sweat

i dont wanna burn

for the sins i've made

it's the only punishment

left for my soul

i have gotten to evil

i've slipped threw it all

the punishments

the tourchure

whats left than to burn?

my hearts getting weak

i can bearly breathe

i think i've suffered enough

i promise i'll do no more wrong!!!!!

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Blind Followers

Land of the free where you can't speak,

Can't wear what you want, or do anything,

Having to follow the heard, the future is bleak,

Just bidding my time, waiting for something,

Day grows more annoyance,

As hate builds up in my heart,

Just wanting some embracement,

The world lacking in art,

The people of the world suppressed by a few,

Disagreements, and arguments of nothing,

Fights and radicals, nothing ever new,

Just longing for something,

Something to end this struggle and fight,

Something to start a new,

Something to come this night,

Something to punish those few,

Alas humanity will never be free,

To do as they please without quarrel,

To even be in love with thee,

The sins of our time too great to barrel,

Our freedoms being stripped away from us,

No choice whether we want them or not,

Yet we still don't make a fuss,

Brain washed by media, believing all we see,

The blind lead the blind this day,

We only hear what they want,

But we accept it without a say,

Our sins of this will come back to haunt.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for our lovely government; for they gave us the Patriot Act and are trying to Ebolish gay marriages... ITS CALLED FREEDOM OF CHOICE!

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It is late, in the midst of devastation,

Full of hate, full of bloody lacerations,

Defying fate, I lunge in desperation.

Yet he evades, despite my frustration.

No delays, I can’t last much longer.

In this fray, my adversary is stronger.

In this place, resilient in this struggle,

I see his face, the source of my troubles.

Setting pace, I rush at him with force.

With grace, like the speed of a horse,

I fight back, striking him with no remorse.

I press the attack, fighting with no recourse.

Blow after blow, I deliver him a beating.

My stamina’s low, my hands are bleeding.

The air is cold, unrelenting and freezing.

But hope grows, as I am still breathing.

No delays, I will not yield or retreat.

In this fray, I accept victory or defeat.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A different poem originating from "Self-esteem".

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Feathered Friends?

Happy the Humming bird

Sipping of sweet nectar,

Offered gladly to it

From each garden vector.

Merry the plump Robin

Tugging on nice fat worms,

Knowing that his dinner

Is right there on his terms.

Perky the brown Sparrow

Trilling from the tree boughs,

Feeding little fledglings

From the tree where they house.

Contented the sleek cat

On this fine sunny day,

Exercising patience

Stalking his feathered prey.

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Running From You

To make my life a single word

The meaning here is just "absurd"

I make no sense at all

And that's why I'm going to slip and fall

I don't know when I'll face the gravity

Of your love pulling me down, and killing me

The thunder of my bleeding heart

Roars in my ears, as I'm torn apart

I don't know where to go

My mind is racing but going so slow

I'm so close and yet so far

And I can't see you, I don't know where you are

This sense of sudden doom

As I sense you're hiding in the gloom

I don't know what you'll do

So I'm running away from you...

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Reminds me kind of the song "Run Away" by LP...I love it :)

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The Devil's Cry


The lightning strikes


The thunder cries

A storm is brewing somewhere

The rain pours down

Drowning the ground

I scream away in anger

Striking me down

Hitting the ground

What did I do to deserve this?

Stopping me

Shocking me

I turn my head and listen


And I hear the devil's cry

Splitting the night

Death is comming shortly

I look at the sky

Light up my eyes

I put up my hands and pray to die

The devil's cry


Screams of pain

(Clank, clank)

Children in chains

The world is comming to an end

No hopes and no dreams

Never be free

The fire is burning never the less

Spreading its wings

Devouring things

Its time that fate gives the final blow

Tossing away

Burning this place

I hope it does it nice and slow


And then they hear the devil's cry

Splitting the night

Death is comming shortly

They look up above

Where did this come from

They open their hands and pray to die

The devil's cry


Your not hearing it

Not believeing in it

But soon its going to happen to you

Looking at faces

In all different places

Its always the same where ever you go

Now listen.....

[little music]

And you'll hear the devil's cry

Splitting the night

Death is comming shortly

Turning around

No light and no sound

You get on your knees and pray for life

The devil's cry

the devil's cry

The Devil's Cry


The devil cries tonight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i came up with this during a thunder storm...i want to become a singer since i have a perfect voice but i don't know if i can sing this song, lol...i'm trying..

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Serpent's Song

Of what surrounds you

If you are denied glee

If the inner self is sadness

Then temptation can be sweet

If you see that pain is real

And reflections are vain

Watch her waste away

Cry for her bones

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