The Gates Of Hell

You wan't see it comming it will come to you at the darkest hour's and sneak up on you like an rat in the sewer just waiting for the perfect moment, to sneak up behind you and take it's core you wan't feel it's veins sinking into you'r skin because it be to late for you to realize what has happend.

You think it will never happend to you but you'r wrong because once you let you'r guard down it will be right there waiting and there's no way to fight, it  or escape it you'r just have to deal with the results that it causes.

You think you have a while before it catches up to you and that it will never hit you but it will sooner than you expecting it to you always said that it couldn't happend to you, and that you was one of the lucky one's but you don't know how  hard it's going to hit you and when it finnaly does you'r wish you would never have spoken those word's.

You'r lying there in the tub and you dose off and not knowing what could happend you still sound asleep and you wake up with the tub filled with blood and you start to panic and scream but no one can you hear you'r screams or you'r cry's you start to yell out and fight for you'r, dear life but no matter how loud you scream and how hard you fight you can't stop it from taking you and making you'r life after death a living hell.

You start to ask why did this have to happend to you and how come you never got the chance to say goodbye to the one's you loved and then it hit's you and you start to cry and someone tell's you because, those time's you preyd that god above would just take you already and get you away from this hell and pain well he finnaly listened to you and that's why you'r here.

You start to cry and scream that no this i can't be happing this can't be real but there's nothing you can do now because for once something you asked for has finnaly been granted yeah it might not be the thing, you wanted but you asked for it and now you have to suffer and take you'r  responsibility  so say goodbye to the one's you love and kiss them one last time for you will never return to see this so called hell hole you use to call home.

So no more i love you's before bed no more getting up at anytime you wan't and no more having someone to look after you and keep you out of shit with the law for now you will burn in enternal hell, everyday of you'r life in the gates of hell.

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"The Gates Of Hell"
By:Heather Feazel

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