I Can't Believe In Darwin's Theory

Some people believe in Darwin's theory but I don't.

These people want me to believe Darwin but I won't.

I can't believe in Darwin's theory because it goes against what the Bible teaches us.

If I have to choose somebody to believe, I choose God because he's the one I trust.

Darwin wanted us to believe that we evolved from apes.

Darwin was only a man and men can make mistakes.

But God is perfect, he never has and never will make a mistake.

I'm sorry but Darwin's theory is something that I must forsake.

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My ode entiled the bible is bent


Yes but the bibles’ as bent
As a 12 bob note;
perverted By king james himself
I want to research the Scriptures,
but every website On google,

stinks to high Heaven,

been trying to find David Wiley,

but 404 not Found,

abound, that stinks too

Because of maybe the truth


Then I get another wan ker
From a religious foundation
I read one sentence of
Who are we? Division analysis
Don’t need a magnifier
Divide and conquer everywhere
And they are in the armpit
Of the devil himself; can feel it
Wrote him a big long poem
If anybody’s interested;

don’t Like foundations;

hair stand on end more like.


Gave him a challenge

to step Into the light,

though raining today Sadly,

how much longer will it be
Before replaced by fireballs?
Is it any wonder the states have
700 underground bases,

rains One day in three;

manchester’s Toast,

unless our creator accepts
That gauntlet; I propose
And if you live on the florida coast
Good luck, and the florida keys
Fried in a week, it rains every day


But if it’s the only way to
Userp the evil that permeates
High society, so be it, though
It is so sad, our mother earth
Under attack, who thinks this shit up?
And do they have a conscience?
Doubt it sadly, they have been
Blagged too, as most in this forum
Too pre-concerned about false flag
Hell, when heaven not even a step away

But they have a pair of blinkers
Like red rum around Aintree
They really cannot see the key



Cos their heads in a box, walls abound
What happens to a ball, when you throw
It against a wall; bounces right back
Take the wall away; what happens?
Goes on and on like an Ariston

And was fed up with rebounding
So chose to go straight on instead
So much more fun; lots of freedom
And you create your own future
Because you are a god too,

king James knew the scriptures reflected
This amazing information,

so paid An army of writers,

to re-write in His own image,

which doesn’t fit With anybody,

Comments please

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Breath of Life!



You are the breath of life that keeps me going
You have saved me from death, you kept me safe
Your love sustains me, you are the breath of life.
The pain that creeps in,
The breath of life keeps me sustained
The breath of life takes away the pain.
You are the breath of life
You are my Refuge, the breath
That takes the pain
The pain that tries to take
All that I am, you are the breath of life.
Take me up to the heavens
Take me up to your Kingdom
Help me know your love is there
You are the breath of life.
Written By Betty Bolden
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The New Eve


Tell me this. If you could, would you stop Eve from eating the apple?

Would you prevent the fall from grace? Would you save humanity?

Would you preserve the immortality of man? Tell me now, would you?


Let us keep going. Now, would you stop the bondage of the Hebrew people?

Would you stand behind the Pharaoh or Moses himself?


Oh, but we mustn't stop now! Would you tell King David not to watch her bathe?

Would you tell Solomon of his apostacy? Or would you simply watch as the kingdom fell?


A final test. Would you stop the betrayal? Yes, would you tell Judas "don't do it"?

Would you deny Him three times? 

Would you yourself stop the passion?


For me, the answer is clear. No. 

God is not naive, he had always known Eve would fall and he had always known what must be done.

If just one was stopped the dominos would fall.

I would not stop the salvation. But I will sit with the New Eve at the foot of the passion and I too will weep.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I myself am not very religion in anyway nor am I claiming to be, this is simply my interpritation of the chronology of some biblical events and their relation to the fall from grace


One day, last of the week.
Rest we do, a Holy God to seek.
Our ways become not our own.
That day belongs to God and home.
Labors end, to hallow our wrongs.
Jesus went to the temple prayer.
The Apostles followed Jesus, in his cares.

8/30//2010 POEWHIT


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Visions Of You!


As I sit here thinking of you
The sky reminds me of days a new

The shelter you give holds me up
The visions I see are to Glorify Thee

The sun rise peeks in to say
God gave you a brand new day.

The visions of you keeps my heart content
As the day goes on I stare at the sky
Sometimes I look up to ask you why?

But your love sustains me in the visions of you
I see your hand as you make me new.

O Lord keep those sky's so pretty and blue
help me see more visions of you.

Written By: Betty Bolden
Jesus Is My Joy Ministries

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Tears In Your Hands


The tears flow each day I wake
I pray for your hands to catch these tears
You hold my tears in the palm of your hands
I dream of you, you were crucified
I hold you in my heart this morning.

I give the pain to you my Lord
Guide me in thy light today.

Help me see all things your way.

Oh you hold my tears in the palm of your hands
It's such a delight to stand where I am.

For you have lead me no matter what the world thinks
You have kept me in your ways and my thoughts are always on you.

Listen for my cry Lord, I give it all to you
My heart aches for heaven at times
One day we will see you coming in the sky

Help me stand while you catch the tears I cry.

I love you Lord

Written By Betty Bolden
Jesus Is my Joy Ministries

Oh Lord


Oh precious Lord
Your love sustains us
Your ways give us peace
We long for your touch
We love you so much.

Even when I don't see
When I'm asleep you dance over me
When I'm asleep you sing over me

How I yearn to be where you are
Oh Lord touch us today
Give us strength to keep going and keep giving

Keep us under your wings
When I fly I will fly home to you
Your my one true love
To you I give my all

Keep loving us
For your love sustains us

Written By Betty Bolden
Jesus is my joy Ministries

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Questioning Beliefs


What is life,
Is there a reason?
Shall I request a knife,
No matter the season?
Just stop living,
Stop the grief.
No more giving,
Die like a leaf.
Does anyone have an answer,
To the unforgettable battle?
It is like a form of cancer,
Played like a rattle.
I think nothings learned,
It's just judging grounds.
Something may be earned,
You may have multiple rounds.
What do you believe,
What happens when we die?
Do we have a body to leave,
Or is God and all a lie?
Is there a Heaven and Hell,
A place after this so called Earth?
Who knows when we will tell,
Or is it a form of rebirth?
I have no clue,
I will one day.
You will too,
But all that I can say.
God is hard to prove,
The Bible is just stories.
Or is it a true groove,
Full of so much glories.
I think it's mostly lies,
It seems hardly real.
Everyone eventually dies,
Then the stories reveal.
What is true and fake,
What is fiction and not.
It's all hard to take,
Slowly we will rot.
Our bodies in ground,
So no matter what.
No getting around,
We all are stuck in that rut.
Of eternal dying,
After is unknown.
No use in lying,
Or in crying.
You do not know,
Nobody can.
It is just so,
No women or man.

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