Lonesome Tear

My Poems

In the still of the night, I cry on the floor,

Waiting for you to come to my door!

Wanting to hold you in my arms while we lay in bed,

Thoughts of kissing you running through my head!

Your tender lips pressed up against me,

God, what a wonderful place to be!

Your body so tender and firm pressed up real tight,

Holding onto forever with all my might!

Scared to lose you in the blink of an eye,

Is the reason my heart trembles and begins to cry!

My strength weakening with the falling sun,

My life without you just isn't fun!

No worries or pain, nothing from my past,

Could ever break me, as long as our love will last!

So you see my Sweetness, I need you here,

Until then I will forever cry that lonesome tear!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written On: Oct. 19/09
Written By: DGBD CarDar Inc. 2009

To: My Wife,
I love and miss you so very much!

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