New Box

Something of your consciousness

You spoke of it in detail

Then I answered, but of mine

It's stillness staleness oh so tired

Something you had said once

About your time of daily

It made me feel so guilty

For ever feeling sadly

And you spoke like it was nothing

Spoke like you were dreaming

And told me not to worry

Because times were turning right

You always look so pretty

Even when you're hurting

You say you feel so ugly

You say you feel so bland

I told you I do love you

You smiled and kept staring

Then you asked me really

If I meant what I was saying

And now we are a package

On route to our new place

And we will fight so gladly

Just to feel so happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's pretty terrible but I need to try and get back into writing.

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sanctus's picture

It isn't terrible, but it's

It isn't terrible, but it's not good either. Focus on what you want to say. This piece has allot of words, but I've no idea what you are talking/writing about