Old Friend


Here comes the golden age

But we grow far each day

Like the moon, I can't reach you

Like the sea, I'm just so blue


I don't know what to say

It's like life has its own way

To make people go gray

I have to find my own way


I want to tell you something

How this bliss feels like

Each time, you left me hanging

Happiness soon dies


You know my heartbreaks,

Why do you leave me behind?

I opened my gates,

Why did you still stand aside?


I miss all of you already

I miss the times we told stories

I miss going out with you

I miss telling you the truth


You leave me behind again

Maybe this is how the world works

You don't dine with me again

I wish we'd go and laugh once more

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I love this, Ive felt the same so I can relate and it's perfect. :D

My poems are pure and easy to read. I do not cry and I will not bleed. I love it all and it's easy to see. In me lives a poet. And a poet that never deceives

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Thank you Areik for reading.

Thank you Areik for reading. I'm glad you can relate yourself to this poem :)