old friend

Life’s Journey For Mr. Crow

Poor old Mr. Crow slowly walking down the road
you can’t use your wings because you’ve gotten too old

    You got blisters on your feet and it gives you the blues
 never understood why birds had no shoes
Cars and trucks keep passing you by
 throwing dust in your face and making you cry

You hold your head low with broken pride
 if only you had thumbs you could hitch a ride


    Just hang in there old friend
Life’s journey is  just around the  bend

You’ll make it to heaven and life will be complete
with a new pair of wings and clouds for those old tired  feet
John Gabriel ©

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Old Friend


Here comes the golden age

But we grow far each day

Like the moon, I can't reach you

Like the sea, I'm just so blue


I don't know what to say

It's like life has its own way

To make people go gray

I have to find my own way


I want to tell you something

How this bliss feels like

Each time, you left me hanging

Happiness soon dies


You know my heartbreaks,

Why do you leave me behind?

I opened my gates,

Why did you still stand aside?


I miss all of you already

I miss the times we told stories

I miss going out with you

I miss telling you the truth


You leave me behind again

Maybe this is how the world works

You don't dine with me again

I wish we'd go and laugh once more