What is...

my fucked up head

What is loving you?
What is missing you?
It's nothing but a sunless day, it is nothing but a bottomless pit.
It will lead me to nowhere...it will stir nothing but doubt.
What's the point of this ache?
What is the point of this need?
A road to nowhere,
A dead end street.
What is loving you...you ask?
Its hurting without need...it is burning from the inside and never dying.
What is missing you? ... it's confusing, its pathetic, its a never ending shameful hate.

What is loving you?
What is missing you?

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Loving should be the joy and

Loving should be the joy and the wonderful feelings that come when being together. Missing just makes the next kissing all the better. Loving's not a dead end street. Loving is something very sweet. :P

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Thats was short and very cute :)
And your right love should be awesome, full of security and the missing them part should be full of excitement, nerves, and making that next hug and kiss worth even more than the goodbye.

"A question that drives me hazy: Am I or are the others crazy?" -Albert Einstein