No Right

my fucked up head

Who gave you the right to break me all over again
One sentence out of those lips of yours have me falling apart
How is it that you still have this power over me
What right do i have to feel this for you
Why cant i just let you go
Whats so fucken special about you
Its not fair for me to still cry over this never meant to be love
Who gave you the right to break me?!?
I never understood why i hated you at first sight!
But i guess my heart knew it would be you that would break it apart
Fuck you!! You have no right!!
Fuck you!!!
I hate you so much,
Its not here on my knees not sure why you have this power over me...
The sick fucken part about this is ... I dont want you back...
I know i dont need you,
Yet you make me break down and ask why...
Why was i never good enough...
What is it that i could never give you...
I love you so much that i fucken hate you more than anything...

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You're speaking for a lot of

You're speaking for a lot of people.. Great write