The Opiate Queen **Mature Readers**

Volume Three

The Opiate Queen”



There is no hope left in this wasteland of death

as wicked men destroy this world in a single breath.

Living in ruin, morally corrupted we bathe in sin.

When the road to hell is paved in gold,

the devil will come and take your soul.


I'm starting to get crossfaded,

chasing this addiction I've become jaded.

With never enough I aim to become sedated,

hating the way I perceive, this life to be.

When I am sober, I just want it all to be over.

I am who I am, as I aim to be hated by them.”


Chasing the cocaine dreams, of an opiate queen.

Chasing the codeine streams, to wash over me.”


When I close my eyes I can feel your touch against my skin.

Distant memories as I hit the bottle once again. “Sink or swim?”

Can there be any hope for tomorrow, when your in constant sorrow?

Finding myself trapped within this jungle of insanity,

a savage wilderness with no chance to flee.

When I look into the glass of perception

I see my soul and every fucking obsession.

Follow me even further down this rabbit hole.

Witness death, riding his pale horse coming for your soul.


"I still taste the dreams and in them you only seem to linger,

digging away at the scab with your boney protruding finger.

As you reach into my soul, only to find it an empty hole.

Oh how I beat you to the punch my hooded figure, my grim reaper.

Had sold my soul already and far cheaper."


I am chasing the cocaine dreams, of an opiate queen

drowning within the codeine streams, that suffocate me”


Everyday, I ask if this will be my last and I struggle to find my way.

Everyday, you devise a new way to screw with my head

and I am starting to realize how little I will be missed when I am dead.

In this universe so vast, the only thing certain is our past.

The pattern behind the veil, to live this life as if it were your last.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just finished up this piece. Not much I can say about this poem, or rather would like to say as once again

(What a surprise) I wrote about one of my habits.

As usual comments and criqtues is welcome here.

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a.griffiths57's picture

  Your poem is very well


Your poem is very well written and truthful about your addiction. I hope you gain some perspective on your life and master your addiction, it can only improve a person's life. Liked your poem very much and an interesting read.