One thing this world never knew

What could it be? And i say it's peace

Wars are all that we know in truth

Wars are fought always in the name of peace


A moral said by a great man

United we stand, divided we fall

But we witness it the other way


Divided we stand, united we fall

We could have solved problems through 


But what to do they never got solved

Countries held talks known as 'peace talks'

But what was the result, we never got peace


Everything could have been solved by peace

This world would have been a better place

But Countries will always struggle 

As greed and war takes them over.

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Peace As A Thing

Peace walked in

and war could not

stop laughing. We

joined in and soon

most of the wealthy

world was ROTFLTAO

(rolling on the floor

laughing their asses off).


Peace left town with no

forwarding address. Rumors

reach us that outbreaks

periodically occur.










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Great poem!

Great poem! but the lines seem incomplete somehow..