Through eyes that adore you,

creating the portrait that I view

A vision beyond canvass,

painting each subtle allure


From exhale of a breath,

carrying whispers to a smile

Times to always remember,

awaits the next enchanting kiss


Favored by gentlest of heart,

resides an angel's very soul

Heaven's bliss upon the world,

held longingly in these arms


Inside a world to my own

moments cherished for this life

All thoughts belonging to you,

it's that which I see


An image in delicate hues,

softest caress from my brush

A captive to tinge's hold,

are shades that say - I love you.


© C.E.Vance






Author's Notes/Comments: 

No rhyme nor reason. Just a handful of words.

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Morningglory's picture

A handful of beautiful words.

A handful of beautiful words. :)

Copyright © morningglory

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Thank you so very much.

Thank you so very much.