Lothario (Song Lyrics/electric guitar)

Song Lyrics



Gonna have a 

good time

You real tight

 rope walker

Gonna have a 

good time 

Greasy smile 



Your gonna have a good time

All right


Make a movie baby



Sing my blues baby

All night

Wrap you in my 

love song



Catch me 

when the mornin come

Catch you

 when y' home alone

Teach you 

when we're all alone

Yeah baby 


That's right

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written as a I, IV, V blues composition.

Possibly a shuffle. 

use whatever chords you want, as long as its seasoned with single note riffs & string bends.


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allets's picture

A single note string bend

Speaking as one who can barely hold a melody anymore and totally unmusically educated, I, the non-guitar player love the idea that somewhere in the world single note string bends exisit. - allets



Beatnik1979's picture


Thank you so much for  the read !


Bellalibra's picture

Gonna ? Did!

love this!

Easy comfortable read.  Nice ,upbeat,   away from the gloom

Effortless association ... even when not played 

Beatnik1979's picture


Thank you for the read!