"A Foreign Poem"

I stumbled upon a poem today.

I picked it up and tried to read it.

It felt like my brain had ran astray.

But over, under, upside down I tried, but couldn't heed it.


I couldn't get it off my mind.

How this poem could have been written,

How to understand this I couldn't find.

By this poem I was smitten.

The words did not make sense to me.

A blend of words, a scrawl more like.

It plagued me, never was I free.

This poem stabbed me as a pike.

Never in my history.

Had anything confused me as this, this mystery.

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No one expects her to be perfect.

She's good but she isnt there yet.

Will she work, is she correct?

If she does the city will be in her debt.

She's done well in her test.

But no one knows will she work?

"I say she not looking her best"

She could sway, she could jerk.

No, she will get the job done!

"But she can't it's to big a feat"

"Are you sure, she has to carry a ton?"

Yes I am sure she is at long last complete.

No one believed in her, but me.

She perfect, she's ready you see!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok this piece was about trust in a womans capabilities but it was also about a bridge and her maker is being questioned by onlookers but he sticks by his design.

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Motorcylce Snatchers

Two men snatched all my money. 

They thought it was too funny.

Their motorcycle roaring away, 

like it was child's play. 


But I can't pay my bills, 

while they are pop pills. 

I can't feed my family, 

while they dance happily. 


They can not see, 

how much they hurt me. 

All I feel is rage, 

I want to put them in a cage.


They did not do it out of need, 

they did it simply out of greed. 

They pursue crime, 

to have a good time. 


I feel so angry, 

all I feel is misery.

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