No one expects her to be perfect.

She's good but she isnt there yet.

Will she work, is she correct?

If she does the city will be in her debt.

She's done well in her test.

But no one knows will she work?

"I say she not looking her best"

She could sway, she could jerk.

No, she will get the job done!

"But she can't it's to big a feat"

"Are you sure, she has to carry a ton?"

Yes I am sure she is at long last complete.

No one believed in her, but me.

She perfect, she's ready you see!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok this piece was about trust in a womans capabilities but it was also about a bridge and her maker is being questioned by onlookers but he sticks by his design.

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Trust, a simple word

a word used common 

it defines many thing

confidence placed in a person

Firm belief 

truth and reliability 

to me it means more

it means a bond 

it means I know you

it means I talk to you

it means we are friends

and it means you won't backstab me

i guess I can't trust anyone


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