On their wedding night they both made a secret wish…he told her that’s what newly married couples do…”and your wish is never to be revealed,” he said, “until that wish comes true”.


They each thought about their wish a moment…then, with a smile on each face they wrote their secret wish down…and found a secret hiding place.


Then they went about living their life together…they had children and grandchildren too…neither giving much thought to their wedding wish…as many other wishes in their life came true.


On the anniversary of their 50th year together he said, “It’s time to reveal my wedding wish to you.”  She smiled and said, “I think it’s time I reveal my wish too.”


They handed each other their wish…which they opened gingerly.  

“These notes are a little weathered.” He said. “She smiled…”as are we.”


After 50 years together….they were in for a wonderful surprise and as they read each other’s note…tears fell from their eyes.


'I make this wish on our wedding night,’ her note read, ‘a wish I’m hoping will come true: That I get to spend the rest of my life growing old with you.’


‘As I write this on our wedding night.’ His note read, ‘the only wish I’m hoping will come true is that we spend our life together…and I grow old with you.”


Their children and grandchildren love to tell the story of their wedding wish and how neither of them knew…

they had made the same wish on their wedding night…

and how that wish came true.

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“What was that?” The young boy asked his mom as he pointed to the sky.

“That star…it’s gone now but I’m pretty sure…at least I think I saw it fly.”


“That was a shooting star.” His mom said as she raised her eyes and stared.

Then she smiled at her son and said, “To see on is quite rare.”


“How amazing…now lucky…how fortunate you are…

now close your eyes and make a wish upon that shooting star.”


“But what should I wish for?” The young boy asked, 

“at this wishing stuff I’m kind of new.”

His mom smiled and said, “It’s a special wish…

between the shooting star and you.


There’s magic in a shooting star…

at least that’s how the legends go.

No one knows how the magic works 

but when you close your eyes you’ll know.


“This is how it happens…if the stories I’ve heard are true

You don’t have to search for a wish…the wish will come to you.”


The young boy closed his eyes and smiled 

and as his face began to shine

he whispered, “I wish everyone could have a mom 

as kind and wonderful as mine.”

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Politically speaking I lean to the left which makes it difficult to unite

with people who, politically speaking, are leaning to the right.


Even though we have our differences I was brought up thinking it would be wise

if both sides want to progress…is to find a compromise.


But over the years the fundamental differences in our beliefs 

in our souls and in our hearts

have made compromise impossible…have torn us all apart.


To the point where we’re calling each other names

when saying politically I lean left or I lean right

is not a path to compromise…

but a source of anger…

an invitation for a fight.


So today I make a wish for peace, acceptance and understanding

I make this wish with all my heart

as I watch a country I once loved…tear itself apart.


This wish I shall not make upon on the wind…to be lost among the trees

I shall not share it with the clouds…or upon the seven seas…


A wish, like each of us, need it’s freedom…to travel wide and far

so to give this wish a chance to succeed…I shall attach it to a star.


And send it to the heavens…not just to my God but to all your Gods too

with the hope they will unite and make this wish come true.


I’m not sure we will ever find our peace

It seems, politically speaking, of solutions we are bereft

but for me…and for all those friends on my right


perhaps one wish is all have left.

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This morning, while out walking,

I hadn’t gotten very far…

when I happened to look up

and see a shooting star.


It was in that magical time of day,

before the night gives way to dawn.

I saw a flash,

a streak of light,

and then… the star was gone.


And I had to stop and marvel

at how that star and the night contrasted…

there but for a moment…

beautiful while it lasted.


I continued on my morning walk

again, I hadn’t gotten very far,

when I realized how all of us

are like that shooting star.


No matter how we see our life…

of this there is no doubt

We are here but for a brief moment 

before our light burns out.


I made a wish upon that star:

That everyone would be loving and caring and kind…

so people will smile when they see their star


and at the light they leave behind?

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