“What was that?” The young boy asked his mom as he pointed to the sky.

“That star…it’s gone now but I’m pretty sure…at least I think I saw it fly.”


“That was a shooting star.” His mom said as she raised her eyes and stared.

Then she smiled at her son and said, “To see on is quite rare.”


“How amazing…now lucky…how fortunate you are…

now close your eyes and make a wish upon that shooting star.”


“But what should I wish for?” The young boy asked, 

“at this wishing stuff I’m kind of new.”

His mom smiled and said, “It’s a special wish…

between the shooting star and you.


There’s magic in a shooting star…

at least that’s how the legends go.

No one knows how the magic works 

but when you close your eyes you’ll know.


“This is how it happens…if the stories I’ve heard are true

You don’t have to search for a wish…the wish will come to you.”


The young boy closed his eyes and smiled 

and as his face began to shine

he whispered, “I wish everyone could have a mom 

as kind and wonderful as mine.”

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Your story poems are very

Your story poems are very interesting---both for the content and for your stanza structures,  Where do you come up with these stories conveyed in your lines?  Do you outline the story first, or just write it as an impromptu type composition?


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